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CleanCision Wins Readers’ Choice Award in MDEA Competition

Prescient Medical developed CleanCision, an active cleansing technology used to prevent surgical infections.

There was much pomp and circumstance at the Medical Design Excellence Awards Tuesday as the best technologies were honored at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. For one technology, however, it was a strong call of validation.

CleanCision, earned the overall Reader’s Choice Award, which spans all categories in the competition. The active cleansing technology also earned the 2018 Medical Device Excellence Award Bronze Medal in the ER and OR Tools Category. CleanCision was developed by San Carlos, CA-based Prescient Medical.

“We’re thrilled and we’re honored for validation of what we’re doing,” Jeremy Koehler, director of R&D and co-founder, of Prescient Surgical, told MD+DI. “It’s always a journey to get your product on the market. I think the success that we’ve enjoyed and the success really validates it, is the fact that we have worked hard with a lot of people on the way. We have made intentional strides to develop a product that makes sense and it’s simple and helps improve people’s lives.”

The technology continuously clears harmful bacteria from surgical incisions by combining wound protection and irrigation into an intuitive and easy-to-use retraction system. Unlike traditional methods, which cannot continuously and consistently clear contamination from the surgical site, CleanCision has been shown to reverse and reduce these pervasive sources of infection, clearing harmful bacteria throughout surgery when the threat of wound contamination is at its highest.

Other MDEA Winners Include:


Cardiovascular Devices Category:

Bronze Award: AC3 Optimus Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump

Silver Award: HyperView

Gold Award: MoMe Kardia


Drug-Delivery and Combination Products Category:

Bronze Award: OnSite-IV

Silver Award: Methofill (methotrexate) Self Inject

Gold Awards: Eli Lilly Taltz Injection Devices, Surgicel Powder Absorbable Hemostat


ER and OR Tools, Equipment, and Supplies Category:

Bronze Award: CleanCision

Silver Award: Minne Ties Agile MMF

Gold Award: VersaOne Fascial Closure System


Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products Category:

Bronze Award: SPEEDTRAP Graft Preparation System

Silver Award: Truliant Knee System

Gold Award: AeroForm Tissue Expander System


Nonsurgical Hospital Supplies and Equipment Category:

Bronze Award: IntelliGuard Linked Visibility Inventory System

Silver Award: Flusso

Gold Winner: Equashield Pro Pharmacy Robot


Over-the-Counter and Self Care Products Category:

Bronze Award: ZipStitch

Silver Award: MediClear PreOp

Gold Award: Willow Breast Pump


Radiological, Imaging, and Electromechanical Devices Category:

Bronze Award: OmniTom

Silver Award: StealthStation S8

Gold Award: Exablate Neuro


Rehabilitation and Assistive-Technology Products Category:

Bronze Award: Podimetrics Remote Temperature Monitoring System

Silver Award: Ebb Insomnia Therapy

Gold Award: Obi


Testing and Diagnostic Products and Systems category:

Bronze Award: Panther Fusion system

Silver Award: APAS Independence

Gold Award: STERRAD VELOCITY Biological Indicator System



AeroForm Tissue Expander System


For details on these winners, please see our 2018 MDEA finalist slideshow here

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