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October 31, 2023

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Image by: Thomas Barwick: Stone via Getty Images

Thoughout 2023, MD+DI has brought you medical device design and engineering wisdom in the form of technical articles, Behind-the-Design features, Pedersen's POVwebinars, and even our weekly Trivia Tuesday series. Now, it's your turn to share!

Did you work on a medical device project this year that taught you valuable insights to carry forward to future projects? Share it with us for inclusion in an upcoming article that could help your peers with their next project. Although we would prefer to give you credit for your advice, we will consider including design and engineering takeaways on an anonymous basis for those who request it.

Deadline for submissions: Nov. 20

Multiple ways to contribute your design and engineering advice

  • Email [email protected] (must include "design and engineering" somewhere in the subject line)

  • Drop a comment in the comments section below this article

  • Visit any of our social media pages (LinkedInFacebookX) and share your advice on the social platform of your choice

Image credit: gorodenkoff: iStock via Getty Images

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