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Medical Design Excellence Awards 2018 Finalists: ER and OR Tools, Equipment, and Supplies

The following are the finalists for the ER and OR Tools, Equipment, and Supplies product category.

  • The ER and OR Tools, Equipment, and Supplies product category includes critical care, general surgery, plastic surgery, and anesthesiology products. Click next to see the finalists.

  • CleanCision
    The CleanCision wound retraction and protection system is designed to retract the surgical incision, provide abdominal access, and consistently and continuously irrigate the wound edge with a surgeon-selected fluid therapy to actively fight and remove the root cause of surgical site infection—wound contamination—without disrupting current surgical practice.
    Manufacturer: Prescient Surgical
    Supply and Design Credits: EnMasse Industrial Design LLC, Swope Design Solutions, IDEO

    Prescient Surgical
  • ENSEAL X1 Large Jaw Tissue Sealer
    The ENSEAL X1 Large Jaw Tissue Sealer is a bipolar electrosurgical instrument for surgical procedures that require ligation and division of vessels. ENSEAL X1 seals and cuts vessels; cuts, grasps, and dissects tissue independently during surgery; seals independently; and coagulates and transects vessels, tissue, or vascular bundles up to 7 mm in diameter.
    Manufacturer: Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc. 

    Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc.
  • Levó
    Levó allows precise control of head positioning for spine procedures, from cervical to sacrum. Its modular design provides maximum flexibility, while the electro-mechanical arm provides range of motion. Using the release and locking mechanism, the surgeon can safely move the head preoperatively and intraoperatively.
    Manufacturer: Mizuho OSI
    Supply and Design Credits: Design Concepts Inc.

    Design Concepts Inc.
  • Minne Ties Agile MMF
    Minne Ties Agile MMF is an alternative to existing wire or hybrid devices for maxilla-mandibular fixation. The noninvasive system provides a steady force and secure bite to allow for closed reduction fracture management or stabilization for internal fixation. 
    Manufacturer: Summit Medical LLC

    Summit Medical LLC
  • VersaOne Fascial Closure System
    The VersaOne fascial closure system serves as a trocar and a fascial closure device to deliver consistent port-site closure, added procedural efficiency, and ease of use. The system enables the trocar to remain within the patient while closing the defect, allowing for tissue alignment and pneumoperitoneum.
    Manufacturer: Medtronic Inc.

    Medtronic Inc.
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