Salary Survey 2010: Regulatory and Legal Affairs

Compensation Profile The typical raise for regulatory and legal affairs professionals is 4.5%; the average bonus is $20,000. Fifty-eight percent of employees earn $100,000 or more. Median Salary $114,000 Median Total Compensation $136,000 Job Security Sixty-two percent of respondents have worked at the same firm for the past 5 years.

Average Length of Time with Firm
The typical respondent has worked for the same company for about 9 years and has 16 years of experience in the field.


Job-Seeking Status
About half of regulatory and legal affairs professionals indicate that they are very satisfied with their current position.

Median Salaries
The typical professional in this field supervises 3 employees. About 14% of the respondents supervise 1 employee, and 32% supervise none. 

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