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Our Trivia Tuesday series is so much more than a weekly trivia question. Check out this special edition of Trivia Tuesday.

Amanda Pedersen

August 29, 2023

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When we decided to launch Trivia Tuesday in 2022, we expected it to be a fun weekly feature where medtech professionals could put their industry knowledge to the test. It has become that and so much more.

Instead of just a quick trivia question and answer, this feature frequently finds us digging deep into the MD+DI archives for a gem of medtech history that stretches our memory on industry-shaping events to the origin stories behind great medical device innovations.

Trivia Tuesday topics vary from regulatory affairs, materials used in medical devices, to intriguing design and engineering tales. For industry veterans, Trivia Tuesday serves as a little trip down medtech memory lane. For industry newcomers, the weekly feature serves as a fun way to learn about medtech history.

This week, instead of the usual Trivia Tuesday article, we rounded up our favorite trivia questions from the past year for a special edition Trivia Tuesday. Each slide will feature the answer to the previous slide's question, and the next trivia question. That way you get a chance to guess your answer before hitting the buzzer (clicking through to the following slide) to see if you're right.

Here's your first question: What global tragedy forced Congress to put medical device regulation on the back burner in 1962?

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Amanda Pedersen

Amanda Pedersen is a veteran journalist and award-winning columnist with a passion for helping medical device professionals connect the dots between the medtech news of the day and the bigger picture. She has been covering the medtech industry since 2006.

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