Rotational Voice Coil Stage Uses Flexure Bearing

Featuring the high precision of a galvanometer and the compact size and reliability of a resonant scanner, a rotational voice coil motor stage uses a flexure bearing to create rotational translation. This translation is achieved by tilting a precision mirror, grating, or other user-supplied load within a range of ±5°. The flexure bearing is designed to provide infinite life and smooth motion free of stiction and friction. The flexure bearing can position loads with a high level of speed and repeatability in scanning microscopy, micromanufacturing, and laser processing applications. Measuring 1.0 × 1.54 × 0.61 in., the RVC-5 motorized stage has fully integrated absolute-angle-position sensor electronics and can be supplied with a servo-controlled amplifier. It can be commanded to oscillate or move to any fixed point in its angular range following a fully linear velocity-move profile.

Equipment Solutions Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA


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