Biofelt Nonwoven Biomedical Textile for Implantable Devices


A specialist in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced biomedical textiles has released a new version of its absorbable scaffold for implantable devices used in orthopedic, cardiology, general surgery, and other in vivo applications. The 3-D nonwoven, fibrous-matrix structure of the Biofelt scaffold provides a platform that, with its large surface area and void volume, enables natural tissue in-growth in surgical applications. Produced from polyglycolic acid, poly-L lactic acid, and copolymers such as copolylactic acid–glycolic acid, the textile can serve as a bioabsorbable component of medical devices or surgical systems. It is custom-engineered to suit individual device requirements and offered with various densities and thicknesses. The scaffold material can be produced in flat sheets, disks, tubes, and other geometric shapes, with an absorption profile ranging from less than 30 days to one year.
Warwick, RI


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