Best Companies to Work For: Dukal Corp.

Dukal Corp. Ronkonkoma, NY Dukal Corp., a privately held midsized manufacturer of medical woundcare products and various other supplies, maintains the feel of a small, family-run business while boasting a product line that competes well against national brands. “We have built a brand that is recognized in the industry,” says the company’s founder and president Gerard (Gerry) LoDuca.

Employees at Dukal report that the company has a fun atmosphere. Photo courtesy of Dukal Corp.

The firm’s employees also praise its work environment. “The workplace atmosphere here lets us have fun while we get our work done,” says Travis Torre, director of logistics. He also points out that the company’s management is sympathetic to the needs of employees, many of whom have families. “For instance, the department heads allow us to be flexible when the inevitable calls come from school that our kids are sick, or some other type of issue arises. This type of management and the understanding that we also have another family, apart from our work family, is greatly appreciated.” This positive vibe comes from the owner, Torre says. “Gerry was brought up this way and it is instilled in him to provide a wonderful workplace for all of his employees,” he says.

It’s clear that LoDuca is well liked among the staff. “He’s an inspiring visionary who is extremely supportive of the company’s employee base,” says Heather Llorca-Kropp, the company’s director of marketing. Nicole Cinquemani, a corporate financial analyst, agrees. “My first year at Dukal, Gerry made a statement that he wants his employees to have not just jobs at Dukal, but careers,” she says. “It was reassuring to hear that then, and after five years of employment he has proved it.”

President: Gerard LoDuca

Employees: 50

Key Products: Woundcare and personal protection products

Annual Revenue: N/A (private)

The firm offers employees competitive salaries, full benefits, 401(k) programs, and short-term disability. Cinquemani also cites generous healthcare and vacation policies as further evidence of the company’s employee-friendly attitude. In addition, the employees are provided with new technology, including the latest smartphones and computers. “We also have best-in-class operating systems, smart boards in our conference rooms, a comprehensive social-media program, and in-house print capabilities in our newly remodeled corporate office,” says Llorca-Kropp.

Another perk for employees is the camaraderie between the various departments. “There’s a real feeling of teamwork and willingness from the company as a whole to find the right course of action when we’re presented with a new challenge,” explains Maggie Karl, manager, contract manufacture.

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