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Can Cross-Pollination Improve Medtech Manufacturing Processes?

Can Cross-Pollination Improve Medtech Manufacturing Processes?
Image source: Pixabay
Presenters at MD&M Minneapolis will discuss how using technologies from other industries can make medical device manufacturing more efficient.

In a panel discussion at MD&M Minneapolis, experts will offer their insights on cross pollination, a process whereby those in the manufacturing arena can draw upon another industry’s methods to improve their own. “I would define cross-pollination as using different technologies, solutions, and knowledge from other industries to solve problems in the medical device industry,” panel member Carlos Melendez, cofounder and COO of artificial intelligence and software engineering services firm, Wovenware, told MD+DI.

Melendez will be speaking in the panel discussion, "Using Cross-Pollination to Drive Medtech Smart Manufacturing," on October 31, 8:30 AM - 9:15 AM, at MD&M Minneapolis.

Not surprisingly, based on his expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and software development, Melendez said: “I think the future of improving the manufacturing process is based on analytics and AI.” He cited an example of similarities in financial service and transactional systems with healthcare insurance systems. “They do have a lot more in common than both industries know, and a lot of them don’t even see the similarities,” he said.

Melendez said that medical device manufacturers should also be looking to the government for ways they could use AI in manufacturing processes. “Right now government is particularly forward thinking, and they are investing a lot into R&D and trying to understand how best they can use AI for different things,” he said.

In his company, Melendez said, some of the trends that they are looking at are all-around analytics and using them to improve processes in the manufacturing to make each plant perform better. “We’ve seen that there’s really little difference in the prices of materials and the prices of basically the production per se, the power, the facilities, per se. The difference comes in the process and in the engineering and how you measure the efficacy of the whole process. So, to improve the manufacturing plants and improve yields and improve performance, we’re really looking to the analytics to see where those opportunities lie,” he said.

Melendez hopes that attendees might learn of something that is done in another industry and then research how to implement it into their own. He said that particularly those in charge of QA and those who have a say in implementing manufacturing processes should attend this session.

Steven Schmidt, CEO of Resolution Medical LLC and Jim Wetzel, interim CEO of the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute will round out the panel, which will be moderated by Jon Coons, global black belt—oT/technical solution professional, Microsoft.

Don't miss the panel discussion "Using Cross-Pollination to Drive Medtech Smart Manufacturing," presented on October 31, 8:30 AM - 9:15 AM at MD&M Minneapolis.

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