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5 Innovative Products to See at MD&M Minneapolis 2017

MD&M Minneapolis is the place to see the latest and greatest offerings from medtech industry suppliers and service providers, and you'll definitely want to check out these five products at the show.

  • The Midwest's largest advanced design and manufacturing event heads to the Twin Cities November 8–9, 2017, and the MD&M Minneapolis Expo is the best place to see the most innovative products and services from medtech industry suppliers. Here are five products you won't want to miss.

  • The QM series of modular power supplies from TDK-Lambda (MD&M Minneapolis Booth #2048) is rated at 700 W to 1200 W and has BF-ready isolation and low acoustic noise.

  • Quniton is a highly lubricious material compund from Quadion (MD&M Minneapolis Booth #519). Formulated to have a low coefficient of friction, it resists bonding or sticking to a wide range of materials. Quniton's nonreactive properties ensure consistent surface-to-surface contact over time, retaining chemical and thermal stability. It is not a coating nor a lubricant, so does not require secondary operations. Quniton will not flake or leave debris, as often seen in coatings.

  • Zeus StreamLiner XT PTFE Thin-Walled Catheter Liner

    The StreamLiner XT PTFE catheter liner from Zeus Industrial Products Inc. (MD&M Minneapolis Booth #1405), is the thinnest catheter base liner to date. It features a maximum wall thickness of 0.00075 in. (0.01905 mm). As a free extruded liner, StreamLiner XT features improved flexibility compared with dip-coated liners while retaining strength and robustness. The product eliminates certain risks associated with dip-coated liners, such as flaking or cracking. As a PTFE liner, StreamLiner XT results in reduced deployment force for intraluminal catheter technologies. This super-thin-walled liner allows for the creation of ever-smaller finished devices while presenting increased lumen potential. 

    Zeus Industrial Products Inc.
  • Radiopaque marker bands are metallic features attached to stents and other related minimally invasive devices. Due to their composition, they provide visible reference points that allow doctors to locate, guide, and place the devices during procedures. Traditional markers are usually installed to catheters and other devices through swaging, embedding, reflowing, crimping, and welding. Vizi-Band from ProPlate (MD&M Minneapolis Booth #1716) is an alternative to these processes in the form of a highly radiopaque metal coating process that atomically bonds directly to a catheter, guidewire, hypotube, stent, or similar medical component. Vizi-Band can be selectively applied with endless options for shape and brightness customization, as well as bonded to areas of complex geometries with tight tolerances, such as specific legs of a stent. Since it is produced via an additive process, building layer-by-layer as thin as 0.000003 in., the thickness can be customized depending on the radiopacity level needed. Conventional markers have detachment risk failures, but with Vizi-Band the marker is atomically bonded to mitigate this risk. 

  • The Vortex Germ Killer from Circuit Solutions LLC (MD&M Minneapolis Booth# 1340), introduced in 2017, uses a nanoparticle metal composite to destroy airborne bacteria and viruses. The metal composite removes 99% of many bacteria and viruses, including H1N1, enterovirus, staphylococcus, and pneumophilia. The Vortex Germ Killer also reduces formaldehyde vapors in dissection labs, and its advanced filtration system reduces airborne particles.

    Circuit Solutions LLC
Jamie Hartford, editor-in-chief, MD+DI

Jamie Hartford

Jamie Hartford is editor-in-chief of MD+DI and director of content for medtech brands in UBM's Advanced Manufacturing Group, where she oversees content creation for the MD&M and BIOMEDevice conferences. Reach her at [email protected].

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