Exploring Cell Technology for Medical Applications

Discover the critical role of batteries in medical devices with Inventus Power's CTO, Chris Turner. Explore safety, reliability, and innovation.

Ray Chalmers

January 2, 2024

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Battery technology for medical applications.
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“Medical devices are used in various environments – in hospitals, doctor’s offices, in patient’s homes, and even in the patient. Ensuring safe use and reliable performance starts at the design phase -- decisions made throughout the development process will ultimately impact the device’s overall safety, reliability, and performance.”

So states Chris Turner, Chief Technology Officer at Inventus Power, who will present two sessions at the upcoming Medical Battery Conference, Feb. 5–7 in Anaheim, CA, produced by Informa Engineering. Turner’s offerings include a two-hour workshop on Designing Battery Packs for Medical Applications (Monday, February 5, 2024, 4:00–6:00PM) and a conference session on Exploring Cell Technology for Medical Applications (Tuesday, February 6, 2024, 10:35–11:00AM).

Battery Technology for Medical Applications.

“Batteries are a critical component to selected medical devices, and the February 5th workshop will focus specifically on battery development for medical devices and the design requirements that need to be considered at all stages, including cell selection, electrical/BMS design, and mechanical design,” he states. “I’ll also be allotting time in the workshop to discuss cell technology for medical batteries. My conference presentation on February 6th will primarily focus on current and future cell technology relevant to medical applications and will cover an overview of the cell market, cell challenges for medical devices, cell roadmaps, and new technologies.”

Asked what sets his company apart, Turner replies, “Inventus Power is not the only company that designs and manufactures medical battery packs, but we feel that our experience, capabilities, and processes enable us to build a safe and quality product second to none in the industry. We have been developing battery packs for more than 60 years and have been a critical partner to many major medical device manufacturers, specifically aiding in their transition from different battery chemistries as well as enabling the complete transition from corded devices to battery-operated. We provide our OEM customers with custom power solutions to meet their specific device requirements. Still, we do offer some standard products for certain applications, such as U1LiFe batteries for medical carts, U1LiFePRO batteries for electric wheelchairs, and high-reliability Elpac power supplies for a wide range of medical applications.”


Safety first

“At Inventus Power, we design everything with safety in mind, which starts from the cell selection process,” Turner continues. “We also have unique market positioning in that we serve other sectors besides medical, such as industrial, military, and xEV. This enables us to leverage some of the design insights and robust testing requirements and incorporate them into our medical design practices. In serving these markets, we also have better access to cells and other electronic components that can benefit our customers in terms of cost and lead times.”

Turner adds that the Inventus Battery Management System is also conceived and produced in-house, enabling faster development and optimal performance. The company has 100% control over the design and can certify that the “brains” of the battery function properly with the application environment.

Inventus Power is a US company with global operations and support. “We are the largest independent battery manufacturer in North America, with a strong engineering, manufacturing, and sales/service footprint,” Turner says, adding, “We have a strong global presence as well and can support our medical customers anywhere around the world.”

He also reports that Inventus Power is working on some battery tech innovations in the medical device market, specifically for surgical instruments, that the company hopes to announce in the upcoming year. ”From a product standpoint, we are launching a new series of high-reliability medical power supplies with GaN [Gallium Nitride] semiconductor technology that are smaller, with lighter weight, and feature ultra-high EMC resistance and low leakage. Stay tuned!”

For more information, including how to register for the Medical Batteries Conference at MD&M West, visit www.imengineeringwest.com.

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