Medtronic Nabs Best in Show and Readers Choice in MDEAs

This year's MDEA competition awarded bronze, silver, and gold awards in 11 medtech product categories, and two standout entries were honored with Best in Show and MD+DI Readers' Choice awards.

Omar Ford

May 13, 2021

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So, just what are the technologies that stand out in design and are on the cutting edge? That question was answered, and the devices were revealed at the Medical Design Excellence Awards during the Medtech Design Summit on Thursday.

This year's competition awarded bronze, silver, and gold awards in 11 medtech product categories. Medtronic had two standout entries honored with Best in Show and MD+DI Readers' Choice awards. Medtronic’s CareLink SmartSync Device Manager won the coveted MD+DI Readers’ Choice award, and the LINQ II Insertable Cardiac Monitoring (ICM) System won Best-in-Show.  

SmartSync is a tablet-based tool that clinicians can use to input and change settings for heart device patients. SmartSync's exclusive design allows support from the control room rather than next to the patient (up to 38 feet away from the implanted heart device).

LINQ II is an insertable cardiac monitor that helps detect various cardiac arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation, by providing long-term monitoring for patients who experience infrequent symptoms. The LINQ II ICM provides remote programming and two patient monitoring options including the MyCareLink Heart mobile app using BlueSync technology.

During a panel titled, “Secrets of Award-Winning Medical Device Design + MDEA Best-in-Show Winner Revealed,” four MDEA jurors, Jennifer McCaney, PhD; Mary Kay Smith, PhD; Mark Wehde; and Michael Wiklund spoke about the awards program and some of the winners.  

Wehde discussed the significance of Medtronic’s Linq II Insertable Cardiac Monitoring System.  

“I don’t think the timing could have been better  - the need for remote monitoring is really stamped by the pandemic; the LINQ II Insertable Cardiac Monitoring (ICM) System provides a view of the future," Wehde said during the panel. “I think wearable devices are going to change remote monitoring and we’re going to see more and more wearable devices. This was an implantable device which takes it a step further and almost entirely removes the body-burden which is a huge advantage.”

Winners across product categories are:

Cardiovascular Devices, a category that includes devices and equipment used to diagnose or treat heart and circulatory system conditions.

  • Bronze:XO Score Angioplasty Scoring & Cutting Sheath                 Manufacturer: Transit ScientificSupply and Design Credits: Biomerics, Spectrum Plastics, Neometrics

  • Silver:SentiAR CommandEP SystemManufacturer: SentiAR Inc.Supply and Design Credits: HS Design Inc.

  • Gold:LINQ II Insertable Cardiac Monitoring (ICM) SystemManufacturer: Medtronic

Digital Health Products and Mobile Medical Apps are devices or applications that use digital technologies to monitor patients, deliver healthcare, or make medicine more personalized. They may incorporate either artificial intelligence or algorithms to help treat or monitor a patient's condition.

  • Bronze:CareLink SmartSync Device ManagerManufacturer: Medtronic

  • Silver:NerivioManufacturer: Theranica

  • Gold:GlucommanderManufacturer: Glytec

Drug-Delivery and Combination Products category includes pre-filled syringes, misting devices, dry powder inhalers, patches, pouches, or combination implants with biologic agents.

  • Bronze:8Shot    Manufacturer: Hovione TechnologySupply and Design Credits: WeADD, LDA

  • Silver:InspirEaseHFAManufacturer: Abithas Inc.

  • Gold:SympfinyManufacturer: Rochling MedicalSupply and Design Credits: HS Design

ER and OR Tools, Equipment, and Supplies category include critical care, general surgery, plastic surgery, and anesthesiology products.

  • Bronze:Da Vinci SP          Manufacturer: Intuitive

  • Silver:RESPOND 19 VentilatorManufacturer: CorVent Medical Inc.

  • Gold:Trachealator Non-occlusive Airway Dilation Balloon      Manufacturer: DISA Medinotec (Pty) Ltd.

Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Devices category includes devices and equipment such as gastrological, urological, gynecological, and obstetric devices. 

  • Bronze:Endoluxe Vision System                Manufacturer: Endoluxe Inc.Supply and Design Credits: HS Design

  • Silver:Lumenis Pulse 120H MOSES 2.0Manufacturer: Lumenis

  • Gold:The Insides System         Manufacturer: The Insides Company

Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products category includes cochlear, corneal, orthopedic, neurological, and tissue implants and instruments.

  • Bronze:Longeviti ClearFit Implant           Manufacturer: Longeviti Neuro Solutions

  • Silver:Hydrus Microstent           Manufacturer: Ivantis Inc.

  • Gold:Nalu micro-implantable pulse generator              Manufacturer: Nalu Medical Inc.

Nonsurgical Hospital Supplies and Equipment category includes general medical equipment and supplies used in hospitals and doctor's offices, such as stethoscopes, blood lancets, medical carts, ventilators, hospital beds, blood pressure monitors, etc.

  • Bronze:Molekule Air Pro RX        Manufacturer: Molekule

  • Silver:ULTepap                                 Manufacturer: BRYGGS Medical

  • Gold:ZIBRIO Pro Scale                                 Manufacturer: ZIBRIO Inc.Supply and Design Credits: Pivot International

Over-the-Counter and Self-Care Products category includes a wide assortment of treatments available to patients without a prescription or that allow patients to monitor, treat, or help prevent a health condition without assistance from a clinician or other healthcare professional.

  • Bronze:Knightsbridge Dual Band chin strap                          Manufacturer: Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions

  • Silver:Quantum IF Duty Cycle Interferential Current Stimulator                               Manufacturer: Therasigma, LLC

  • Gold:MouthCam          Manufacturer: Dentulu Inc

Radiological, Imaging, and Electromechanical Devices category includes products that use medical radiation, imaging, or an electromechanically powered system to diagnose or treat diseases.

  • Bronze (jurors selected two Bronze Winners in this category:)

            Manufacturer: Intuitive

            Trident HD Specimen Radiography System                           
            Manufacturer: Hologic Inc.
            Supply and Design Credits: HS Design

  • Silver (jurors selected two Bronze Winners in this category):

           Digital Duet                          
           Manufacturer: Lumenis

           NIO Laser Imaging System           
           Manufacturer: Invenio Imaging, Inc.

  • Gold:

           Swoop Portable MR Imaging                        
           Manufacturer: Hyperfine

Rehabilitation and Assistive-Technology Products category includes products such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, hearing aids, prosthetic devices, etc.

  • Bronze:OrCam MyEye                     Manufacturer: OrCam Technologies

  • Silver:Coapt Complete Control System Gen2                    Manufacturer: Coapt LLC

  • Gold:REAL Immersive System                                 Manufacturer: Penumbra

Testing and Diagnostic Products and Systems category includes products that fall into the FDA categories of chemistry, hematology, immunology, microbiology, pathology, and toxicology.

  • Bronze:Sight OLO                              Manufacturer: Sight Diagnostics

  • Silver:AGM100                                   Manufacturer: MediPines Corporation

  • Gold:Paige Prostate                   Manufacturer: Paige

To see this year's finalists, please click here.

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