Controlling the Narrative in Medtech

Nicole Osmer, Health+Commerce’s founder and CEO, joins Let’s Talk Medtech to discuss how medical device companies can build successful brand strategies.

Omar Ford

May 6, 2022

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Something remarkable is happening in the medtech industry. Medical devices are becoming more mainstream. Patients are now becoming “consumers.” Companies have even advertised during the Superbowl in an attempt to make devices a household name.

With this change, companies must rethink marketing and communication efforts surrounding their products.

Nicole Osmer, CEO and founder of Health+Commerce joins us for this episode of Let’s Talk Medtech to give companies tips on how to better communicate ideas surrounding devices.

Osmer said Health+Commerce helps large and small companies cut through the communication clutter and create strong strategies going forward.  

“What we do is help set strategy,” Osmer said during the Let’s Talk Medtech interview. “We ask the company to provide us with the upcoming milestones for the next usually 12 months and then put together a plan for them outlining how we will approach each of those milestones and what will do to fill in the gaps. Especially, early-stage companies don't always have a lot of news flow. That’s where we bring in our digital team, social media [team] to think about what else can we do to help.”



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