Creating a Successful Digital Health Strategy: Setting an Innovative Path Forward Starting From the Device

May 23, 2023

Date: May 23, 2023

When medical device companies think about their digital health strategy, they often focus on the far-reaching goals, long-term ambitions, or even futuristic predictions. But the key to success, lies in setting a path to achieve these ambitions, a path that starts from their existing, next-generation, or novel new medical device.

It starts with identifying where the value will be created when combining digital health solutions around a medical device, and what improvements in the delivery of care across patients, healthcare professionals, and care settings it will enable. From there, a path can be established. From the robustness of the software on the device, device data, connectivity, and cybersecurity requirements. To the platform strategy, connected ecosystem, and solution integration. Through to novel and challenging aspects digital health solutions will bring for medical devices, including new operating environments, and how patients, healthcare professionals and providers will engage, interact, and adopt these solutions.

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