Pandemic Brain: The Struggle Is Real

News Editor Amanda Pedersen has a case of "pandemic brain" — and it shows.

Amanda Pedersen

April 21, 2021

Pandemic Brain

We've all been there, right? At least, I hope I'm not alone in this mental fog unofficially known as "pandemic brain."

It started out as little things, like walking into a room and forgetting what I was there to do. Or I'd be in the middle of telling my husband something and would suddenly forget what I was talking about. After a year of being in this near-constant state of anxiety and social isolation, these brain farts are increasing in both frequency and ridiculousness. Like writing a story to recognize World IBD Day, only to realize that I was an entire month early.

If you've managed to come this far into the pandemic with your mental cognitivity and/or mental health completely unaffected, I applaud you. If, however, you've been having trouble thinking, planning, and remembering even the most basic, routine things — this video should give you a good laugh, at the very least. Hey, misery does love company, right?


I also found this blog post by Hannah Messinger, published by Penn Medicine News, that offers some interesting insight into what this so-called "pandemic brain fog" is all about.

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