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Omar Ford

August 17, 2023

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Whitney Medical Solutions, the experts in germ-free digital, proudly introduce eShield Sterile Covers, the innovative solution for covering non-sterilizable medical devices used in surgery or sterile fields. These FDA 510(k)-approved and CE Marked covers provide a crucial barrier between your device and the sterile environment, ensuring the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals.

Whether you are developing a medical device, surgical software, or electronic medical imaging and diagnostic devices, eShield Sterile Covers offer the ideal accessory to protect your technology in critical surgical settings. Available in three sizes, these covers can accommodate a wide range of devices, from smartphones to SLR cameras, making them suitable for various applications.

Key features and benefits of eShield Sterile Covers include:

  1. Touch-screen compatible: Designed to allow seamless interaction with your device, even when wearing double surgical gloves.

  2. Protection for the environment: By acting as a physical barrier, eShield Sterile Covers prevent contaminants from your device coming into contact with users and the sterile field, reducing the risk of infection and maintaining a sterile environment.

  3. Device protection: Shield your valuable equipment from potential damage or contamination in the sterile field. The ultra-clear film used in these covers ensures high-quality photos, images, and video capture without compromising visual clarity.

In addition to the standard sizes available, eShield Sterile Covers also offer custom options to meet specific requirements. If your device has unique dimensions or if you wish to have private labeling, our team can work with you to create tailored covers that seamlessly integrate with your product.

"Our mission at Whitney Medical Solutions is to enable germ-free digital solutions in healthcare," said Steven Whitney, President at Whitney Medical Solutions. "With eShield Sterile Covers, we provide medical device and app designers and developers with the confidence to bring their innovative technology into the sterile field, ensuring the highest level of safety and usability for patients and healthcare professionals."


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