10 of the Hottest Wearable Companies

May 27, 2015

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10 of the Hottest Wearable Companies

The promise of wearable technology may be more hype than reality at this point. But it is attracting remarkable amounts of investment cash. One wearable startup earned $32 million last year; another launched a crowdfunding campaign that attracted $1 million in ten days

Yet the thriving wearables market is still dwarfed in size by the medical device industry. Last year, the revenue of Medtronic was 38 times greater than that of Fitbit. But when it comes to growth, Fitbit has the advantage. Fitbits revenue in 2014 increased 148% over the prior year.    

While the wearables market is still small, it is now too big to ignore. Here are 10 wearable companies to keep an eye on:

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