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Supplier Stories for the Week of September 15

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of September 15.

  • Portescap has released a new line of standard prototype motors, the SM series, designed to meet demanding requirements for surgical devices at a more cost-effective price point. With a sterilizable design, these motors have been optimized for powered staplers, large and small bone orthopedic tools, arthroscopic shavers, ENT microdebriders, and high-speed neuro drill applications, the company reported in a news release. They are also suited for traditional surgical tools and for robotically assisted surgical devices, and they can be paired with a Portescap sterilizable controller for battery powered applications.

    Portescap’s SM motors have been designed and tested to withstand 500+ sterilization cycles, it was reported. These small motors range in diameter from 0.5-1.23 inches, speeds up to 97K RPM, and torques up to 17.5 oz-in. They are lightweight with low noise and vibration to maximize tactile response and surgeon control in the most delicate of surgeries.

    Standard prototypes are available within two weeks. For custom solutions, Portescap can optimize a design to meet the exact requirements of the application. 

    Portescap will be exhibiting at MD&M Minneapolis 2019 in Booth #1104 October 23-24.

    [Image courtesy of PORTESCAP]


  • Product Creation Studio, a design and engineering consultancy focused on new product development, is celebrating 20 years in business. The company has designed hundreds of products including award-winning medical devices, surgical tools, home health technology, wearables, and drug-delivery systems. It counts the following companies among its client base: Philips, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Johnson & Johnson, Amgen, Bose, L'Oréal, and several early-stage companies based on the West Coast and beyond, according to a news release.

    Cameron Smith, co-founder and CEO of Product Creation Studio, said that “20 years marks an important milestone for our organization. We have acquired vast experience over the years and seen incredible achievements in technology, allowing us to look at problems differently than others in our field. Our knowledge base and expertise empower us to create products that lead to improved health and better, longer lives.”

    Added Scott Thielman, co-founder and CTO of Product Creation Studio:  “As a company that started in the basement working with a startup mentality, it is gratifying to see the impact we have had for clients of all sizes. After two decades, we continue to embrace the uncertainties of new product development with our cross-discipline team, guiding clients through the innovation process to meet market needs.”

    Product Creation Studio attributes its success and growth to an innovative culture, a multi-disciplinary team, and specific expertise in industrial and biomedical applications, it reported. It deployed its ISO 13485:2016-certified quality system in 2016.

    [Image courtesy of PRODUCT CREATION STUDIO]

  • Freudenberg Medical, a global developer and manufacturer of finished medical devices, composite catheter shafts, components, and minimally invasive solutions for the medical device industry, announced several new items:

    • The Composer EPIC Catheter Handle Platform, offering next-generation design options with a through lumen, modular distal end, and a variety of shaft options for electrophysiology guide, diagnostic, and therapeutic catheters.
    • The Composer ToccataCatheter Handle Platform, optimized for controlling smaller catheter applications up to 9.5Fr OD and provides extensive design flexibility with a variety of shaft options, a proximal luer connection, and an adjustable tensioning system.
    • TheHyperSeal Mini, the sixth and latest member of the Freudenberg Medical hemostasis valve family, offering the automatically adjusting HyperSeal valve technology into 12Fr and smaller applications including integration into the new Composer EPIC and Toccata handles.


    “We continue to be inspired by the strong market response to our Composer Handle Platform and Hemostasis Valve Family," said Bernie Kaeferlein, director of portfolio management at Freudenberg Medical, in a news release. "Freudenberg Medical’s latest Product Solutions address our customer’s growing need for rapid, meaningful and clinically relevant innovation in improving catheter delivery, control and outcomes. Our Composer EPIC and Toccata handles are built on entirely new control platforms that provide expanded design options and capabilities for emerging electrophysiology, vascular and imaging applications. What’s been equally impressive is the robust, clinical versatility of the HyperSeal hemostasis valve technology. The release of HyperSeal Mini expands hemostasis options for smaller French size applications to the HyperSeal and HyperSeal XL that support large bore applications from 12Fr to well over 30Fr. As a partner for innovation, we are committed to proactively addressing unmet clinical needs and offering our medical device customers a growing portfolio of finished device, design, and process solutions to help improve efficiency and accelerate their time to market.“

    Freudenberg Medical will be exhibiting at MD&M Minneapolis 2019 in Booth #1616 October 23-24.

    [Image courtesy of FREUDENBERG MEDICAL]

  • Vested Metals International, a specialty metals raw material distribution company, has been named one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America, ranking at number 324 in the 2019 Inc. 5000 List. The company sources hard-to-find alloys, grades, and sizes for niche applications and markets such as aerospace, medical, automotive, industrial, and power generation, it reported in a news release.

    “Used to manufacture everything from the fan blades of a Rolls-Royce airplane engine to the implant prosthesis used in spinal fusion surgery, we supply titanium, cobalt alloys, copper, brass, bronze, and more to industries like aerospace, medical, automotive, industrial, and energy,” explained President and Founder Viv Helwig. “About 80 to 90 percent of our clients are domestic, but we also supply hard-to-find metals to other countries in our region.”

    The company was also named #7 on Jacksonville Business Journal’s 2019 “Fast 50.” Helwig was also recognized as one of the “50 Alumni of Distinction” by Flagler College, Jacksonville Business Journal’s 2019 “40 Under 40,” and as a recent finalist for the SMU NexGen Leadership Award sponsored by the Steel Manufacturers Association to recognize emerging leaders in the steel industry.

    “Viv’s leadership through his company and as a member of the St. Johns County Industrial Development Authority is well thought-out and focused on doing the right thing,” said Melissa S. Glasgow, Director of Economic Development for St. Johns County, Florida. “Viv has a very genuine communication style, which allows him to develop trust early on in a relationship. Building that trust is critical in business and may be one of the many reasons his business has flourished in a short period of time.”


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