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Supplier Stories for the Week of June 10

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of June 10.

  • This is a compilation of the latest news from suppliers in the medical device industry.

    If you have news you’d like to submit for potential inclusion in this weekly roundup, please send a press release and any related images to [email protected] with the subject line “Supplier Stories.”


  • Ossid, a product brand of ProMach, is introducing the 8000M medical device thermoform-fill-seal for high output and uptime. The 8000M platform can run trouble free for years at up to 30 indexes per minute, the company reported in a news release.

    Based on early customer interest, the 8000M will be mainly used for Dupont Tyvek sterilized medical device film packaging; it can also be used for foil-foil, semi-rigid, rigid, ambient, vacuum, modified atmosphere, and recloseable packaging.

    "Every machine is built in the U.S. by the same team that works directly with the customer on its design and manufacture," the company reported. "Close communication between the people building the machine and the customer ultimately lead to complex engineering issues being resolved early to the customer’s overall benefit. The 8000M is a platform, not a one size fits all tf/f/s solution."

    While Rockwell controls are standard, customers may specify the control system of their choice as well as printers, vision systems, loaders and unloaders, and more. A rugged stainless-steel frame offers stable and sanitary automation platform, while servo drive technology promotes precise motion. 

    [Image courtesy of OSSID]

  • AWT Labels & Packaging has received ISO 9001:2015 certification. At the time of AWT’s certification, only 20% of the current ISO 9001 companies had been certified to the new 2015 standard, AWT reported.

    “ISO 9001:2015 is the cornerstone of our quality management system, ensuring consistent delivery of processes and products," stated Michelle Zeller, Chief Operating Officer at AWT Labels & Packaging notes, in a press release. "It’s the standard for global requirements on the quality of products and services.” 

    For more than 35 years, AWT has provided labels and flexible packaging for a variety of market segments including food and beverage, medical, personal care, industrial/OEM, household, and specialty. 

    [Logo courtesy of AWT Labels & PACKAGING]

  • Amada Miyachi America Inc., a manufacturer of resistance welding, laser welding, marking, cutting, and micro machining equipment and systems, offers the KN-II Series Pneumatic Weld Head for welding sensors, frequency devices, filaments, heating elements, photonics packages, strain gauges, transducers, and more.. The robust, low-maintenance weld head is suited for opposed electrode welding applications that require fast follow-up to prevent material expulsion. It can also be used for welding ring or annular projections with a perimeter length ranging from 0.40 to 7.0 in. and for microelectronic cap welding applications requiring co-planarity.

    Featuring a dual-cylinder design that delivers more than 4000 pounds of weld force, the unit can be configured for use with any manual or automated welding system and offers simple actuation using the Benchmark SS-1 pneumatic weld head controller.

    [Image courtesy of AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA INC.] 

  • Micronor will debut the MR430 Size 11 Fiber Optic Position Sensor System featuring a miniature Size 11 (Ø1.1 in.) form factor suitable for the smallest robotic or actuator mechanism. The sensor is based on plastic optical fiber (POF) technology, and its passive, EMI-immune position feedback solution is suited for operating environments stressed by high voltage, RFI, microwave radiation, magnetic fields, or explosive atmospheres.

    The MR430 POF Encoder System is suited for these applications and more:

    · Dynamic MRI phantoms, designed for medical training and simulation, which require both immunity and transparency to magnetic fields. The non-metallic encoder can be operated in the MRI bore and will not leave features in the MRI scan.

    · MRI-guided biopsy and surgical robots, which require the same magnetic invisibility as phantoms. Robotic systems require accuracy, repeatability, and real-time position feedback.

    · Orbital welding systems and welding robots, which require EMI and high voltage immunity. The MR430 is unaffected by plasma and electrical discharges which create interference and damage conventional electronic-based encoders.

    Micronor will debut the sensor at Sensors Expo 2018 June 27-28 in San Jose, CA.

    [Image courtesy of MICRONOR]

  • At ATX East 2018 this past week Universal Robots (UR) demonstrated how the 3D Pick-it sensor can guide two UR robots to pick randomly placed parts from a conveyor and place them at a testing station. An out-of the box 3D camera and software solution, the 3D Pick-it sensor integrates directly onto the UR robot arm through the UR+ integration handshake, with all programming happening directly through the UR robot's own touch screen, explained a spokesperson. The collaborative robot application enables the worker to add or remove parts while the two robots continue on with their efforts, minimizing downtime and eliminating the need to align and fixture each part to be picked.

    [Image courtesy of UNIVERSAL ROBOTS]

Daphne Allen

Daphne Allen is editor-in-chief of MD+DI. She previously served as executive editor of Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, which serves as the pharmaceutical and medical device channel of Packaging Digest. Daphne has covered medical device manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and regulatory issues as well as pharmaceutical packaging and labeling for more than 20 years. She is also a member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals's Medical Device Packaging Technical Committee. Follow her on Twitter at @daphneallen.


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