Ionic Impurities in Polymers Reduced with Resin-Purification Process

April 12, 2005

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Ionic Impurities in Polymers Reduced with Resin-Purification Process

Originally Published MPMN April 2005


Ionic Impurities in Polymers Reduced with Resin-Purification Process

Corinne Litchfield

A resin-purification processing service may reduce levels of ionic impurities in a range of polymers. Offered by PolyClean Technologies (Rosenberg, TX;, the purification service provides a low-cost solution for resin suppliers.

The company reports ionic impurity reductions of up to 95%, bringing residue levels from a few hundred parts per billion down to several parts per billion. “The cleanliness and purity requirements for polymers in critical applications are becoming more demanding,” says company president Harish Sangani. “This is a challenge for resin suppliers who must find economical ways to reduce the level of residues in their virgin polymers and compounds.” Molders and manufacturers may also struggle to find suppliers with highly purified resins for low-volume applications.

By using the company’s service, resin suppliers can create high-purity grades of their standard products in order to meet their customer’s cleanliness specifications. Manufacturers can use the service to help them choose from a broader, and possibly lower cost, array of materials that meet overall performance criteria. The process can be performed on virgin pellets, accidentally contaminated materials, and regrind. Lot sizes from a few hundred pounds up to multitruckload quantities can be processed. A lab-scale system can process smaller quantities. Initial evaluation trials are offered at no charge.

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