Software Builds on Vision Measurement Platform

September 1, 2006

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Software Builds on Vision Measurement Platform

Originally Published MPMN September 2006


Software Builds on Vision Measurement Platform

Corinne Litchfield

Software uses intuitive, CAD-based techniques to automate vision measurement system programming.

A software package allows CAD files to be easily integrated into vision measurement systems. The PC-DMIS Vision software from Wilcox Associates Inc., a Hexagon Metrology Co. (Elgin, IL; builds on the company’s existing PC-DMIS measurement platform.

Lighting, magnification, and image capture are important variables to consider when using vision measurement systems. The software helps automate this process by combining three-dimensional CAD integration and free-form editing.

Two components of the software are targeted toward vision metrologists. CadCamera uses a CAD model to simulate what the camera will actually see as it measures the part. AutoShutter automatically measures everything within the camera’s field of view without repositioning. “AutoShutter is useful on machines where the camera needs to be positioned manually,” says Steve Logee, director of business development.

The intuitive CAD-based environment can be used to automate part-programming tasks. According to the manufacturer, the software reduces vision system programming labor by as much as 75% while maintaining or improving the measurement system’s accuracy. “Inspection programs can be developed off-line and sent to several machines within an organization,” says Logee.

Measurement data can be retrieved and analyzed from a shared database as needed. Reports can be published for access by authorized users within the manufacturing organization.

PC-DMIS Vision is part of the company’s Enterprise Metrology Solutions product line. The software is capable of sharing programs with CMMs and other types of probe measurement systems. The PC-DMIS software is standard on the firm’s new TESA manual and DCC vision measurement products. It is also available as original equipment and as a retrofit on comparable models of vision measurement equipment.

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