Burst Strength Tester Surpasses Requirements of New ISO Standard

January 2, 2002

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Burst Strength Tester Surpasses Requirements of New ISO Standard

Originally Published MPMN January/February 2002


Burst Strength Tester Surpasses Requirements of New ISO Standard

Integrated microprocessor ensures repeatability

A pneumatic burst strength tester automates several functions that are traditionally performed by the user.

Exceeding the requirements of the ISO 13938-2 standard for determining the distension and pressure at burst of fabrics, a strength tester can evaluate several specimens simultaneously. The TruBurst strength tester, developed by James H. Heal & Company Ltd. in the UK and supplied in the United States by Advanced Testing Equipment (Spartanburg, SC), also automatically calculates the true bursting strength of the sample based on the diaphragm's distension. The unit is suited for use on a broad range of textile, nonwoven, paper, and plastic materials.

The TruBurst tester incorporates a high-acceleration linear potentiometer to attain an accuracy of ±0.5% at distensions up to 70 mm. To achieve bursting within a specified time, a digital microprocessor monitors and adjusts a proportional control valve to maintain a linear pressure rate rise, notes Michael Kaye, technical and marketing manager at James H. Heal. By replacing the manual adjustment of flow control valves with a digital system, repeatability is enhanced, he adds.

TruBurst also automates functions that are typically performed by the operator. The digital control system detects specimen size, records the number of times that each diaphragm is employed, and stores test data that can be subsequently displayed on the backlit LCD.

Although medical device testing protocols traditionally call for the use of hydraulic instruments to determine burst strength, the TruBurst unit combines the performance of hydraulic burst strength testers with the operational benefits of a pneumatic system, according to Kaye.

Kelly Donoghue

James Heal & Co. Ltd., Richmond Works, Halifax, W Yorks, HX3 6EP, United Kingdom; Phone: +44 1422 366355; Fax: +44 1422 352440; [email protected]; D. M. Repper.

Advanced Testing Equipment, 243 E. Black Stock Rd., Ste. 2, Spartanburg, SC 29301; Phone: 864/576-1277; Fax: 864/576-1298; [email protected]; Tim Ziefgenfus.

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