2030s: Humans Becoming Hybrids

Brian Buntz

January 27, 2016

1 Min Read
2030s: Humans Becoming Hybrids

In a similar vein to cybernetic implants, Kurzweil believes that the human brain will be significantly enhanced, thanks to the help of nanobot implants that will connect our minds to cloud technology, enabling us to pull information from the internet at a moment's notice. Kurzweil predicts that once this technology takes off, the majority of what we term "thinking" will be taken over by computers.

Ultimately Kurzweil predicts that computer implants will be available in the 2030s, and that many will not only boost our brain functioning, but also enhance our senses and cognitive abilities. As mentioned earlier, he also believes that this kind of nanotechnology will ultimately render human diseases obsolete by this time period.

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