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Nanox.AI Expands Reach Through New Partnership

Article-Nanox.AI Expands Reach Through New Partnership

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The company's new partnership with Ferrum Health is expected to broaden the reach of Nanox.AI's medical imaging technology.

Neve Ilan, Israel-based Nano-X Imaging's deep-learning medical imaging analytics business, Nanox.AI, has a new strategic partnership with Ferrum Health.

The partnership is expected to broaden the reach of Nanox AI’s technology for medical imaging including Nanox.AI’s bone and cardiac solutions, while complementing existing artificial intelligence offerings with these population health solutions that provide a holistic radiology workflow solution that can enhance healthcare professionals by promoting better productivity and, subsequently, outcomes.

Ferrum Health, a healthcare AI platform developer, uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze medical data, providing doctors with insights and recommendations that can help improve patient care. Ferrum helps health systems overcome challenges in the adoption of AI, providing data security along with an extensive catalog of AI applications. Through this partnership, Ferrum is offering Nanox.AI’s bone and cardiac solutions to various organizations that can benefit from them.

“As healthcare AI adoption accelerates, Ferrum gives health systems a way to partner with AI leaders like Nanox.AI in the security of their own private cloud or data center,” said Pelu Tran, CEO and co-founder of Ferrum Health. “We are thrilled to partner with Nanox.AI to enhance our joint commitment to raise the quality of health using AI and bring advanced population health AI technology, enabling health systems early detection of chronic diseases.”

Nanox.AI solutions are developed to target highly prevalent chronic and acute diseases affecting large populations around the world.

Leveraging AI, Nanox.AI helps clinicians extract valuable and actionable clinical insights from medical imaging that otherwise might go unnoticed. These “hidden,” or incidental findings can potentially initiate further medical assessment to establish individual preventative care pathways for patients.

Nanox.AI’s portfolio includes FDA-cleared imaging solutions in bone health, called HealthOST, and cardiovascular health, called HealthCCSng, that use routine medical CT imaging to help physicians identify early signs of diseases like osteoporosis and coronary artery disease, enabling further work up and possible treatment and help prevent potentially life-changing major events.

"By fostering strong marketplace partnerships, such as with Ferrum, Nanox.AI solutions are positioned to benefit healthcare providers, while bringing a differentiated approach. This approach focuses on population health for the marketplace and IDN partners,” said Pini Ben Elazar, general manager at Nanox.AI. "These collaborations are key to expanding access to Nanox.AI solutions. Ferrum Health is an excellent partner, and we look forward to advancing our shared commitment to helping improve patient outcomes in the U.S. and globally."

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