Elekta's Esprit Will Enable More Personalized Radio-surgery

Elekta’s new radiosurgery system, Esprit, features sub-millimeter accuracy and allows treatment planning in less than 60 seconds.

Susan Shepard

May 10, 2022

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The latest and most advanced radiosurgery system from Elekta will offer significantly faster-automated treatment planning for clinicians and more personalized and patient-friendly treatments.

Elekta doesn’t intend to rest on its laurels with its 50 years of real-world evidence in the field of intracranial surgery with the Leksell gamma knife. The company is branching out with its Esprit system.

Now, in a single platform, Esprit offers clinicians superior visualization, as well as remote accessibility and collaboration tools for the treatment team. With an accuracy of <0.3 mm, the company claims the system is precise enough to treat even the most challenging targets while delivering a gentler, more personalized approach to radiosurgery. Esprit features workflow options based on a single session, fractionated, adaptive, or stage protocols, in a system designed for end-to-end ease of use.

 “Esprit will allow clinicians to take radiosurgery to the next level and treat patients with the highest accuracy, protecting their mind and memories and enabling a higher quality of life,” said Gustaf Salford, Elekta’s President and CEO, in a prepared statement.

Esprit was unveiled at the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) 2022 on May 6.

Esprit is pending CE submission and is not available in all markets.

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