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October 1, 2005

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Products   from the MPMN Mailbox

Originally Published MPMN October 2005


Products from the MPMN Mailbox

Miniature Sealed Pushbuttons

A line of miniature pushbutton switches is sealed to IP67. The Series 48 product line from ITW Switches (Harwood Heights, IL; features options such as electromechanical or solid-state switching, momentary or maintained action, and square or round bezels. Seven button color choices are available, as are nonlighted or six LED color choices. PC or solder tab terminals and bushing or snap-in mounting are also offered.

Brushless Dc Motor Controller

A brushless dc motor controller provides 1000 W of power in a small footprint. Measuring 3 × 4.65 × 1.75, the 371-0028 motor controller from Servo Magnetics Inc. (Canoga Park, CA; is suitable for closed- or open-loop velocity and torque control of BLDC motors producing greater than 160 oz-in. at 7000 rpm. Input voltage can vary from 10 to 15 V with a rating of 20 A continuous and a peak of 40 A for rapid acceleration applications. The controller has rugged surface mount components in a compact design. Other features include a quick disconnect for wiring, on-board LED status indication, enable, FWD-REV, and tachometer output. The amplifier is fully protected from overcurrent, short circuit overtemperature, voltage, and loss of feedback.

Laboratory Labels

A producer of label systems has increased its stock laboratory label range. Computer Imprintable Label Systems LLC (CILS; Beverly, MA; offers more than 3000 standard label material and size combinations. Highly durable synthetic labels are available in clear, white, and colored stock, with surface coatings specially designed to accept and protect laser, thermal transfer, dot matrix, or handwritten data. Adhesives include high-tack formulations for use with low-surface-energy plastics as well as cleanly removable adhesives. The company prepares its labels to tolerate solvents, abrasion, extreme storage conditions, and tampering. Labels are available in roll or sheet formats.

Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings

Hybrid ceramic ball bearings can be used in large, variable-speed electric motor applications. MRC Bearing Services (Kulpsville, PA; has designed its hybrid bearings to prevent electrical arcing, resist wear, run at higher speeds and lower operating temperatures, and promote extended service life. The bearings combine traditional steel rings with ceramic balls to provide natural insulating properties. The bearings are 40% less dense than steel balls for reduced centrifugal force and friction, allowing them to run faster and cooler. Additionally, the bearings are harder than steel for enhanced wear resistance against hard particles, contaminants, and vibration, as well as highly inelastic for increased bearing stiffness and reduced deflection under load.

Industrial Power Supplies

A family of 1500-W power supplies features a five-year warranty. The single-output HSW1500 series from Lambda (San Diego; is suitable for powering industrial equipment used in applications where high reliability is needed. The units are available in 12-, 15-, 24-, and 48-V nominal outputs, and each model can be adjusted up to ±20% of its nominal voltage to accommodate nonstandard system voltages. The 24-V model has a peak current capability of 105 A when operated with a line voltage greater than 200 V ac. A range of input voltages from 85 to 265 V ac are offered. Remote on-off, dc good, and current-share signals are standard. The units feature a footprint of 5 × 3.25 × 11 in. and can be operated in a -10° to 70° C environment.

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