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July 1, 2005

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Products   from the MPMN Mailbox

Originally Published MPMN June 2005


Products from the MPMN Mailbox

Miniature Isolation Valves

A family of compact solenoid valves is suitable for use with corrosive or high-purity fluids. The two- and three-way miniature isolation valves are offered by South Bend Controls (South Bend, IN; Materials in contact with the flow path are limited to PEEK and ethylene propylene or highly fluorinated fluorocarbon. The patented seat and diaphragm design provide a strong seal, as well as a long life cycle. Available in 12- and 24-V dc models, the valves are rated up to 35 psi and come with several port options.

PEEK Tubing

A line of PEEK tubing can withstand all standard sterilization methods, including gamma irradiation. Texfluor PEEK tubing from TexLoc Ltd. (Fort Worth, TX; exhibits extreme hardness, abrasion resistance, stiffness, and high flexural modulus, permitting ultrathin wall tubing to handle the same strength-to-weight ration as heavier wall types of tubing. The tubing is USP Class VI compliant and UL94 V-0 rated. It is smooth, crush-resistant, and has high hydrolytic resistance. Featuring 260˚ F continuous and 500˚ F maximum service temperature, the tubing has 14065–14500 psi tensile strength and comes in sizes from 0.031 in. I.D. × 0.010 in. wall up to 1.0 in. I.D. × 0.035 in. wall.

Humidity and Temperature Data Logger

A standalone humidity and temperature data logger features a direct USB interface. The EL-USB-2 data logger from Lascar Electronics (Erie, PA; is capable of recording relative humidity from 0 to 100% and temperatures from –35˚ to 80˚ C and calculating dew point. After the accompanying software is installed, the unit can be configured by inserting the logger into the computer’s USB port and choosing the required sampling rate, setting high and low alarms for each parameter, and setting the logger start time. Once configured, the unit can be removed from the computer to log independently. Two LEDs indicate when the unit is logging, when an alarm level is reached, when the battery needs replacement, or when memory capacity is reached.

Nondestructive Blister Card Test System

Quantitative leak test results for blister cards can be produced using a nondestructive testing system. The TME Solution CBC chamber test system from TM Electronics Inc. (Boylston, MA; can detect holes in blister card backings as small as 5 μm. The highly sensitive method uses a proprietary chamber design to produce sensitive, consistent, and precise test results in a laboratory or quality control environment. The test instrument is a high resolution, pneumatic pressure, or vacuum tester. It allows the operator to store up to 100 different functional programs and to link programs to design special test sequences. Interchangeable test chambers are available to accommodate a variety of card sizes and shapes, and the system can be designed to test up to four blister cards sequentially.

Lead Screws

A miniature series of nonball lead screws assemblies is available for medical device applications. Kerk Motion Products Inc. (Hollis, NH; offers both antibacklash and general purpose lead screw assemblies in the series. The lead screws are made of 303 stainless steel and are available with the company’s proprietary TFE coating. The assembly’s nuts are manufactured with self-lubricating polymers and are virtually maintenance-free. Standard diameters come as small as 0.125 in.; custom diameters less than 2 mm, as well as custom designed nuts, are also available.

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