April 1, 2003

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Product Selector Specifies Laser Cutters, Welders, and Drillers

Originally Published MPMN April 2003


Product Selector Specifies Laser Cutters, Welders, and Drillers

by ZacharyTurke


www.gsilumonics.com (click on picture to go to site).

Available at www.gsilumonics.com, a product selector from GSI Lumonics (Farmington Hills, MI) prompts users through a series of four questions to provide a list of recommended systems for laser cutting, welding, and drilling applications."This program is one more way that users can directly access our applications expertise through the Web," says general manager Bill LeBlanc."By narrowing the selection process down to four questions, we are able to quickly and accurately provide them with a suitable laser-based solution."

The selection process begins by specifying a desired application such as seam welding, precision cutting, or trepan drilling from a list of choices. Once that information has been entered, users are prompted to input material type. Additional details such as weld penetration and cutting thickness are then entered. After completing the form by selecting the minimum processing speed desired, the program outputs a short list of recommended systems complete with processing- throughput data.

For applications and materials not specifically addressed by the program, users can submit questions via e-mail to one of the company's applications engineers. Answers are generally provided within two business days. Alternatively, interested parties may submit a sample for processing. 

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