MD&M West Product Preview

January 1, 2005

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MD&M West Product Preview

Originally Published MPMN January 2005


MD&M West Product Preview

Mechanical Testers

Testing equipment designed to evaluate mechanical properties, materials, and components are suitable for use in R&D and quality control laboratories. Available in single- and double-column configurations, the 5500-series units include an integrated modular Merlin software package, which accommodates changes made to testing requirements. Parameters such as fixture set up, test terminology, unit choices, and calculations are configured for each type of test, enabling maximum productivity. The firm's wide range of products verify tension, compression, flexure, peel, tear, and friction properties of latex gloves, syringes, sutures, catheters, and other medical devices.

Booth #2541

Device Shafts

A company provides a range of metal device shafts with laser-cut profiles. The products can significantly enhance the performance of devices such as stents; filters; delivery systems for drugs, light, and cryogenic energy; and aneurysm coils. They provide design engineers with a low-profile combination of qualities that includes flexibility and torque response.

Creganna Medical Devices
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Medical and Laboratory Automation Equipment

An ISO 13485-certified developer and manufacturer of automated equipment offers products for the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Systems include medical robotics, cleanroom process automation, assembly machinery, and robotic handling devices for readers, washers, and pipettors, and for storage and retrieval operations. Also offered are automated lab software systems for processing vials, bottles, tubes, glass slides, microwell plates, syringes, and molded plastic and glass parts.

SSI Robotics
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