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July 10, 2006

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Plastics and Elastomers

Originally Published MPMN July 2006


Plastics and Elastomers


Suited for such applications as sterilization cases and trays, surgical instrument handles, and implant surgery, a plastics company’s polyphenylsulfone is available in a range of colors. Radel R is offered in blue, black, bone white, red, rust, violet, green, yellow, grey, and brown. A line of transparent colors specifically intended for lids and latches on sterilization instrument cases and containers is also provided.
Solvay Advanced Polymers, Alpharetta, GA

Polymer resins

A company’s Zeonex and Zeonor cyclo-olefin optical polymer resins are characterized by high clarity, purity, and dimensional stability. The polymers also provide good transparency, low birefringence, and water absorption. Applications include optical and laser technology.
Zeon Corp., Louisville, KY

Urethane elastomers

Liquid compounds are suited for such OEM applications as strain relief, potting, encapsulating, and forming nonscratching holding fixtures. The products cure at room temperature and withstand temperatures up to 350°F. Flexane 80 liquid is a medium-viscosity formula that cures to semirigid rubber, while Flexane 94 liquid is a low-viscosity encapsulant that fills voids completely and cures to rigid rubber. Also available are a fast curing formula and a multipurpose flame-retardant urethane able to form a flexible tear-resistant casing.
Devcon, Danvers, MA

Antimicrobial additives

Antimicrobial color additives slow the growth of bacteria on the surface of plastic components. Incorporated into plastics during molding or extrusion, Cesa master batches impede the growth of bacteria on such plastics-based applications as surgical and patient-care devices. These inorganic biocides are nontoxic, noncorrosive, and have no negative impact on plastics processing. They also have good heat stability suited for engineering polymers processed at a high temperature.
Clariant Masterbatches, Winchester, VA

Thermoplastic shapes

Shapes in diameters from 1 to 3 in. can be made from colored radiopaque thermoplastics. The x-ray opaque XRO materials include Tecason, Tecapeek, Tecapei, and Tecanyl MT; the latter two are compounds produced from GE’s Ultem and Noryl HNA 055 resin. An additive provides opacity, allowing surgeons a clear view of instruments during fluoroscopy. The shaped components made from these plastics can be located easily if misplaced in the body. Suited for reusable surgical devices, the thermoplastics are also autoclavable.
Ensinger-Hyde, Washington, PA

Plastic compounds

Thermoplastic compounds are engineered for applications requirin g biocompatibility, repeated autoclaving, precise color matches, and FDA compliance. Products offered include high-clarity PermaStat antistatic and radiopaque compounds; the latter is capable of absorbing radiation. Also provided are plateable, high-temperature, structural thermoplastic elastomers, and laser-markable compounds. Specialty compounds are currently being used in products related to insulin-delivery systems, glucose meters for diabetics, and inhalers.
RTP Co., Winona, MN
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