Wireless data collected directly from patients during normal physical activities could enable the development of better knee implants

April 5, 2008

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Transparent applicator packaging

Thermoformed transparent packaging is designed to make selection of the correct applicator easier. Clear film on one side and durable paper labeling on the other ensures that contents are protected from contaminants. Applicators can be wrapped individually or in various amounts to enhance user-friendliness, to maintain sterility, and to reduce waste. Different types of applicators can be packaged together, and packages can be bar coded for inventory control.
Puritan Medical Products Company, LLC, Guilford, ME

Rigid barrier films

Optimized for medical device packaging applications, rigid barrier films typically supplied to the pharmaceutical industry offer high moisture-barrier properties and thermoforming characteristics. The Pentamed film product line--including Pentamed Aclar PA 300/12, PA 200/12, and PA 190/12--combines rigid PETG with high-barrier Aclar laminate specifically for packaging medical device components that are combined with moisture-sensitive pharmaceuticals, such as prefilled syringes. Sealable to most standard lid stocks, the films are sterilizable. Transparent, colored, and high-gloss clear versions of the films are offered.
Klöckner Pentaplast of America Inc., Gordonsville, VA

Braille application system

An electronic Braille code pattern controller and an adhesive melter provide precise, high-speed dot placement for the application of Braille coding to packaging. The proprietary electric guns and ProBlue adhesive melter, in conjunction with the pattern controller, can interpret multiple languages and convert them into Braille code. In accordance with European directives requiring that pharmaceutical packaging be imprinted with Braille for the visually impaired, the system produces dots at the regulated height of 0.5 mm. Using a clear adhesive that does not interfere with packaging graphics, the system's dot guns provide consistent and repeatable imprinting at up to 98 ft/min.
Nordson Corp., Duluth, GA

Vacuum-chamber sealer

To provide precise validation, a vacuum-chamber machine has a temperature-regulated seal bar, which enables control over all parameters of the sealing process. Chamber machines typically use an impulse sealer; however, a higher degree of control and validation is required for medical device packaging. The C400 TC single-chamber machine reaches a maximum vacuum of 1 mbar for a low residual oxygen level. Trays and packages suitable for medical products can then be filled with nitrogen.
Multivac Inc., Kansas City, MO

Open-fill-seal poucher

Designed to open, fill, and seal large premade bags and pouches, a packaging machine can be manually or automatically loaded. Featuring a single automatic bar seal system, the Maverick poucher can handle Tyvek, strip header bags, and foil and barrier pouches for packaging bulky medical devices and trays. Products are loaded at a 30º incline for gentle handling. A second bar seal system can be added to achieve higher production rates. Self-diagnostics and calibration firmware are incorporated into the machine's programmable logic controller, which also features closed-loop alarm limit checks to ensure reliable sealing. Optional features include modified- and controlled-atmosphere packaging performed via a diving snorkel system and an embossing coding system. Bar code readers and label applicators can also be integrated.
About Packaging Robotics Inc., Thornton, CO


Desiccant products can absorb up to three times their weight in moisture. Available in rigid canisters and Tyvek packets, desiccants protect contents of medical test kits and other products from moisture damage during assembly, shipping, and storage. Packets, offered on rolls or in continuous strip form, range in capacity from ¼ g to 5 lb and can be custom printed. Rigid canisters are compatible with high-speed insertion equipment.
Sphinx Adsorbents Inc., Springfield, MA

Ultrasonic welding press

Combining digital amplitude control, ultrasonic horn and stack frequency display, and multiple process timers, a welder is suited for tamperproof packaging applications such as clamshell sealing. The X-Press 20-kHz welder features timers for weld, hold, delay, and afterburst. With a built-in ultrasonic generator and microprocessor, the welding press is housed in a single rigid cast aluminum base and column hub. Pneumatic controls and the microprocessor keypad are easily accessible from the front panel. Available in two models--1200 and 2200 W--the machine can weld in digital time or constant energy mode.
Sonics & Materials Inc., Newtown, CT

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