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Manufacturing Systems Today: Packaging

purepouch pouching machinePouching machine
The latest generation of the PurePouch machine is designed to automate the printing, opening, filling, and sealing of chevron peel pouches supplied on rolls. Offered by PurePouch LLC, the system can either print directly on the pouch by means of thermal transfer or employ print-and-apply labeling technology. Equipped with a touch screen-controlled printing and packaging process, the machine features password-protected recipes that facilitate quick changeover from one pouch to another without tooling. Available options for the validatable, cleanroom-compatible machine include conveyors, height adjustability, and a two-up pouch option for increased productivity. Custom automation and outfitting with automatic parts feeding, robotic pick-and-place capability, and vision inspection are also available. The system can accommodate any pouch size measuring up to 10 in. wide by 24 in. long, and any combination of films can be used.
PurePouch LLC

Cohesive-tape dispensers-y-m cohesive tape dispenser
The all-electric Tayp-R taping machine is offered by S-Y-M Products for use in the packaging of coiled-tubing products. It employs cohesive tape, which features the distinctive quality of adhering to nothing but itself. The taping machine is designed to dispense and apply cohesive tape around medical tubing assemblies. As a cohesive-tape dispenser, it can produce any length of tape one piece at a time or in multiples, with the tape length and number of pieces being set on the machine; pushing a button starts the operation. To perform taping, the operator pushes the tubing coil into the jaws; the tape is then wrapped around one side of it. The machine runs on 120 or 240 V ac.
S-Y-M Products Co.

Horizontal cartonersEss Technologies Horizontal Cartoner
Compact SC-series automatic horizontal cartoning machines are engineered by ESS Technologies to easily adjust to narrow and wide pitches, thus accommodating a range of carton sizes at speeds of 60 or 150 cartons per minute. The machines also come with a variety of in-feed configurations, including a robotic option and the manufacturer's own end-of-arm tooling. A large-capacity carton magazine includes digital handwheel adjustment for rapid size changeover as well. Employing either intermittent or continuous motion depending on the speed necessary, the servo-driven machines handle preglued cartons with straight or reverse tuck-in closure. In addition, they accommodate a glue-closing application and automatic product-feeding systems. Available options include leaflet and booklet inserters, a choice of coding technologies, and code readers for verification of leaflets, carton blanks, or filled cartons. Their small footprint facilitates integration into an existing medical device packaging line.
ESS Technologies Inc.

Multivac tray sealerTray sealer
Built on the same chassis as the manufacturer's T250 tray sealer, the Model T260 tray sealer from Multivac delivers greater sealing force, seals more trays per cycle, and offers a higher level of seal integrity than its predecessor. The compact, semiautomatic machine is suited for relatively low-volume applications that call for tray-seal validation compliant with ISO 11607 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines. Engineered specifically to meet medical device industry requirements and designed for cleanroom compatibility, it exhibits consistency, precision, and reliability in the packaging of implants, combination packs, diagnostic devices, and other sterile medical products requiring seal validation and low residual oxygen. RFID technology for tracking machine-operator control changes and a bar code scanner for tracking batch production processes can be integrated into the system as well.
Multivac Inc.

bosch packaging band sealerCleanroom-compatible band sealer
A cleanroom-compatible medical-grade band sealer from Bosch Packaging Technology features an integrated touch screen-based human-machine interface and a PLC that monitors speed, temperature, pressure, and other sealing parameters. Capable of displaying fault conditions, the Doboy B-550M monitors and controls speeds over the machine's 100- to 1000-in./min range by means of a 500-position encoder. Two digital temperature controllers are programmable with high and low set points and offer lock-out capability for process security. Air pressure is electronically monitored and applied to the heat bars, compression wheels, and cooling bars for full control of the sealing process. Designed for reliability and repeatability, the band sealer comes with a selection of standard options that includes embossing or ink-based coders, integrated conveyors, bag-top trimmers, bag counters, and product-detection capability.
Bosch Packaging Technology

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