High Resolution Servomotor Offers Feedback in a 36-mm Package 15064

April 1, 2005

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High Resolution Servomotor Offers Feedback in a 36-mm Package

Originally Published MPMN April 2005


High Resolution Servomotor Offers Feedback in a 36-mm Package

The unit provides high performance forsmall-frame servos

A new rotary encoder is more than a smaller version of a conventional rotary encoder. The SKS 36 SinCos motor feedback system with a Hiperface interface has a fundamentally different construction. The unit from Sick Stegmann Inc. (Dayton, OH) has a minimum number of components, allowing the production of truly miniaturized rotary encoders. This allows small motors manufacturers to considerably shorten the overall length of their devices...


Ultra-High-Barrier Material Keeps Out Moisture

Foil features a solventless technology

An ultra-high-barrier foil-based structure is suitable for moisture- and oxygen-sensitive applications that require a foil lamination to meet or exceed shelf-life expectations. Flexi 6611 from Flexicon Inc. (Cary, IL) features the company’s Flexi-Free solventless technology...


Diode Lasers Provide High Brightness

Single-emitter units are available in a wide range of wavelengths

A line of high-brightness, single-emitter, multimode diode lasers is C-mount packaged. The lasers from nLight (Vancouver, WA) are available in operating wavelengths from 635 to 1600 nm and output powers from 0.5 to 5 W, continuous wave (CW). The industry-standard lasers are suitable for pumping diode-pumped solid-state lasers, materials processing, and other medical applications...


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