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Full-Function Vision Sensor Provides Inspection AlternativeFull-Function Vision Sensor Provides Inspection Alternative

June 1, 2003

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Full-Function Vision Sensor Provides Inspection Alternative

Originally Published MPMN June 2003

EQUIPMENT NEWS: Testing and Inspection

Full-Function Vision Sensor Provides Inspection Alternative


The PresencePlus Pro from Banner Engineering Corp. captures images and analyzes them for conformity to tolerance limits.
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A camera-based visual inspection sensor is offered by Banner Engineering Corp. as an economical alternative to complex machine vision systems for production-line part inspection. The PresencePlus Pro is a simple, easy-to-use sensor that, like the more complex full-size systems, captures images and analyzes them for conformity to tolerance limits.

Someone with minimal knowledge of vision systems can quickly set up an inspection to test parts in-line and reject bad ones. The PresencePlus Pro offers the option of point-and-click automatic teach or custom setup.

Using a remote PC, the operator illuminates the target, focuses the camera, and selects the appropriate analytical tools. Inspection tolerances can be set automatically or manually. After setup, inspection results are stored without need of the PC.

The sensors perform multiple inspections simultaneously, checking for both translational and rotational variations. Parts moving along the production line or web are accurately inspected even if not oriented uniformly in the camera's field of view.

Banner Engineering Corp., 9714 Tenth Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN 55441.

All-Electric Systems Perform Testing of Devices, Materials


The 900L system from TestResources Inc. features an all-electric drive to perform various tests on medical devices.

An all-electric drive distinguishes the latest generation of universal dynamic test systems developed by TestResources Inc. The 900L system performs fatigue, fracture, tensile, compression, high-speed impact, and shear tests on devices, materials, and components, providing precision control of load, strain, position, and test speed.

The 900L includes test analysis software, compression platens, specimen grips, and biomedical baths. It controls tests with load levels of milligrams up to 800 lb and speeds to 10 in./sec. An advanced servocontroller features adjustable tuning, ultrahigh resolution, and user-programmable firmware. The tester operates to 15 Hz, with voice-coil actuators supplied for higher speeds.

Electromechanical test systems from the manufacturer are used in medical R&D and quality control applications. Also available are upgrade controllers for servohydraulic systems.

TestResources Inc., 680 Industrial Cir. S., Shakopee, MN 55379.

Precision Syringe Tester Maintains Accuracy with Changing Loads


The Lab Master from Testing Machines Inc. can be used to determine the penetration resistance of a syringe tip.

A hypodermic syringe tester from Testing Machines Inc. provides precise measurement of the force required to move the plunger in either direction. The Lab Master can also be used to determine the penetration resistance of a syringe tip, performing with 0.01-lbf resolution.

The instrument is suited for the laboratory and the manufacturing floor; R&D users can evaluate the properties of a variety of tips, while QC personnel can conduct production testing. The patent-pending design of the syringe tester enables it to hold the desired level of accuracy through a course of changing loads and despite frequent use.

Testing Machines Inc., 2 Fleetwood Ct., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779.

Rheometer Measures Dynamic Change in High-Viscosity Materials

Changes in the dynamic properties of high-viscosity and viscoelastic fluid materials such as suspensions, emulsions, and gels can be measured with a versatile rheometer offered by Fluid Dynamics Inc. The T2SR time- and temperature-scanning rheometer is a robust, portable mechanical instrument designed to simplify dynamic measurements of materials in the viscosity range of 10–1000 Pa/sec.

Using time and temperature sweeps, the instrument measures rheological changes in reactive polymer systems, such as thermoset plastics during cure; thermoplastics, including polymer melts; and various pastes, creams, lotions, and gels. The easy-to-use device is suitable for R&D applications in product development and for quality control in the manufacturing environment. It requires only small sample volumes and has a fast thermal response time.

The T2SR rheometer employs disposable probes and containers. It is available with numerous accessories and with the thermal option of a stainless-steel tempering vessel or a high-temperature cell that offers multiple-segment ramp and soak capability. Its small-footprint software application allows users to select data-sampling rates and test duration, manipulate graphics, and export data to a spreadsheet program or other destination.

Fluid Dynamics Inc., 45 River Rd., Flemington, NJ 08822.

EMC Test Systems Allow Precompliance Testing In-House

The speed and convenience of in-house precompliance testing using product test equipment from Amplifier Research makes it easy for manufacturers of electronic products to prepare for certification to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards and the requirements of the European Medical Devices Directive (MDD). The AR Cell, a complete test system consisting of amplifiers, field monitors, and directional couplers, allows engineers to test products as they are designed. It contains everything necessary to produce, measure, level, and run a 10-V/m field from 80 to 1000 MHz, a 50-V/m field from 80 to 1000 MHz, or a 100-V/m field from 1 to 1000 MHz.

Also available are S-series amplifiers with a frequency range of 0.8–10.6 GHz and power range of 1–240 W and W-series amplifiers offering frequencies from dc to 1000 MHz and power of 1–4000 W. These provide the power needed to meet the radio-frequency radiated immunity of the current MDD specification and of the proposed second edition. EM Test transient generators for the conducted immunity requirements are offered as well.

Amplifier Research, 160 Schoolhouse Rd., Souderton, PA 18964.

In-Line pH Analyzers Use Silicon-Chip Probes


A series of pH analyzers from IQ Scientific Instruments Inc. accept rugged nonglass, silicon-chip-based sensor probes as well as conventional glass probes.

A series of pH analyzers designed for in-line continuous process monitoring by IQ Scientific Instruments Inc. accept rugged nonglass, silicon-chip-based sensor probes as well as conventional glass probes. The waterproof IQ500 processLab analyzers feature easily configurable relay and analog outputs. Four relays can be set for on-off, pulse-length, pulse-frequency, or alarm mode. Four 4–20-mV analog outputs are optically isolated and can be driven by pH, millivolts, or by temperature.

Plain-language menus facilitate setup and operation of the processLab. An easy-to-read 5½-in. backlighted liquid-crystal display indicates pH, temperature, date and time, and the status of all relays and outputs.

IQ Scientific Instruments Inc., 11021 Via Frontera, Ste. 200, San Diego, CA 92127.

Mass Flowmeters Measure Gases in Medical Applications


Flowmeters from TSI measure gases in critical medical applications.

Laboratory and OEM thermal mass flowmeters from TSI are useful in measuring gases in critical medical applications. The units feature high accuracy, fast response, high turndown ratios, and low pressure drop. The Series 4000 measures air, oxygen, and nitrogen for flow rates up to 300 L/min. The Series 4100 measures air, oxygen, nitrogen, and nitrous oxide for flow rates up to 20 L/min.

TSI, 500 Cardigan Rd., Shoreview, MN 55126.

Machine Vision System Specialized to Check Package Labels

Part of a line of task-specific industrial machine vision appliances available from the ipd division of Coreco Imaging Inc., a label inspection system is designed particularly for the determination of label placement and quality on packages of manufactured goods. The iLabel vision system comes prepackaged in a rugged, compact enclosure and with an intuitive user interface. It can be set up in minutes with user-established parameters to check labels on bottles, boxes, cans, and other packaging.

The appliance first verifies label presence and proper placement; then it detects tears, loose corners, or damage, inspecting each label for such significant defects as smears and contamination.

Measurements of label quality and placement location and angle are reported, and a general grade of pass, fail, or recycle is issued for each label. The iLabel can inspect labels with dimensions of 1 to 10 in. at speeds to 300 labels per minute. Inspection statistics are maintained for later reporting via Ethernet or RS-232.

Users can configure inputs to trigger inspection events and outputs to control such external equipment as programmable logic controllers and rejection devices. Direct control of rejected products without a PLC is possible in simple applications. Programs of label and inspection parameters for one manufacturing line can be saved for reuse on others.

ipd, Div. of Coreco Imaging Inc., 900 Middlesex Tpke., Billerica, MA 01821.

Expandable Torque Analyzer Uploads Data


A portable torque analyzer from Mountz Inc. meets demands for testing multiple torque ranges for various tools used in production.

Mountz Inc., a specialist in the design and manufacture of torque control products, offers a portable torque analyzer that meets demands for testing multiple torque ranges for various tools used in production. The Torque Lab has a built-in transducer and also a port that supports most external transducers. In addition to portability and expandability, the analyzer features the capability of uploading accumulated torque readings to a computer through a built-in RS-232 interface. Storage of measurement data facilitates ISO documentation and tracking for statistical process control.

Suitable for use on the assembly line or in the laboratory, the Torque Lab was designed in response to customer requests. Among other special design features, the transducer can rotate to the right or left to make readings easy to acquire. The external transducer plug enables users to take a virtually unlimited range of torque measurements without having to purchase entire new analyzers.

Mountz Inc., 1080 N. 11th St., San Jose, CA 95112.

Machine Inspects Device Inserts Semiautomatically


A machine vision system from Invotec Engineering was designed to inspect a series of inserts for a surgical device.

A semiautomatic machine vision system has been designed and built by Invotec Engineering for the express purpose of inspecting a series of inserts for a surgical device. The system uses two high-resolution cameras and a Cognex Checkpoint vision platform to perform the inspection. It is an example of the range of custom test/measurement and assembly systems the manufacturer provides to the medical device industry.

The custom-built insert inspection system features dual nests that are capable of accommodating a variety of parts and into which the operator places inserts to be inspected. Opto-touch buttons are pushed to activate the inspection. A servomotor shuttles the parts under the inspection cameras, and Scott-Fostec lights provide illumination. The machine is controlled by an Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller with a Panelview touch screen operator interface.

Failed parts are categorized into two types and rejected into corresponding bins. The operator can view the in-process inspection via a monitor.

Invotec Engineering, 10909 Industry Ln., Miamisburg, OH 45342.

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