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Embedded System Increases Accuracy of Drug AdministrationEmbedded System Increases Accuracy of Drug Administration

June 4, 2002

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Embedded System Increases Accuracy of Drug Administration

Originally Published MPMN June 2002


Embedded System Increases Accuracy of Drug Administration

Kelly Donoghue

An infusion pump manufacturer and an embedded systems supplier recently cooperated in the development of an innovative, automated infusion pump. At the heart of the pump is an embedded system created by Paragon Innovations (Plano, TX; www.paragoninnovations.com) that gives the device bar code–scanning capabilities. B. Braun Medical Inc. (Bethlehem, PA; www.bbraunusa.com) manufactured the advanced infusion pump to reduce IV medication errors and provide increased safety for patients.


The Horizon Outlook with DoseScan uses a bar code scanner to ensure that the proper drug is delivered to the right patient in the correct dose.

The Horizon Outlook with DoseScan is an infusion pump that uses a bar code scanner to ensure that the proper drug is delivered to the right patient at the proper dose. Once a prescription is filled, a bar code is placed on the IV bag, which is delivered to the patient's room. The nurse scans an ID badge across the Horizon Outlook scanner to verify authorization. The nurse then scans the patient's ID to identify the correct patient. The bar code on the IV bag is also scanned to confirm the match and to program the infusion device. Having confirmed that the displayed information is correct, the nurse initiates infusion by pressing the "run" button.

Paragon Innovations specializes in the design and development of embedded systems, including electronics hardware design, software design, systems design, technical documentation, prototype boards, mechanical design, and electronics manufacturing. The company also offers packaged Internet devices and Ethernet gateways. "We can make a Web server fit into a cigarette box," says Mike Wilkinson, the company's CEO. The Texas-based embedded systems supplier collaborates with customers to create Internet systems that ensure universal connectivity and access.

The company has completed three projects for the medical sector, including a cardiac output monitor, an insulin pump, and a pulse oximeter. "We would like to work on more medical projects because the companies are so focused on the quality of the product," says Wilkinson. As part of its project regimen, Paragon completes full documentation for clients' projects, and implements action-tracking systems throughout the entire product development cycle.

Mike Zakrewski, product director of infusion systems at B. Braun, explains why the company partnered with Paragon to create the Horizon Outlook. "We found Paragon to be the right choice because of its track record of success, as well as its software and hardware knowledge," he says.

Zakrewski explains that his firm interviewed several companies for the project, and that ultimately, Paragon proved to be the best fit. "Paragon has a lot of expertise in the area of embedded systems," says Zakrewski. "They have the ability to think outside of the box, which really helped us in developing the Horizon Outlook system."

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