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Vacuum Encoders Fit in Small Spaces

Article-Vacuum Encoders Fit in Small Spaces

Originally Published MPMN April 2004


Vacuum Encoders Fit in Small Spaces

Systems enable compact, high-performance equipment designs

Susan Wallace
Miniature vacuum encoders from MicroE Systems are suitable for space-restricted designs.

Five miniature vacuum-compatible motion feedback encoders have recently been introduced. The sensors from MicroE Systems (Natick, MA) measure 8.4 mm tall. This is 1¼3 the height of competitive sensors, according to the company. They are suitable for space-restricted designs. 

One sensor operates in both linear and rotary applications. The M3500V encoder offers resolution to 5 nm. It features RS-422-compatible quadrature output, and programmable resolution and output frequency. It can be aligned and setup in less than 30 seconds using integral LED indicators. 

The M1000V, an analog output encoder, provides sine and cosine output. It is used with interpolation electronics. The company's SmartSignal tool works with the M1000V for alignment and setup procedures. 

All vacuum encoder sensors are vented and compatible with 10-8 Torr vacuum levels. Materials are designed for a 48hour bakeout at 150°C. The sensor cable is unterminated. This enables termination at the vacuum bulkhead with any connector. 

Atmospheric-side connections to the motion controller are made using double-shielded cable and standard connectors.

MicroE Systems
8 Erie Dr. 
Natick, MA 01760-1313
tel: 508/903-5000
fax: 508/903-5005
e-mail: [email protected]

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