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Tough New Copolymers Facilitate Film Processing

Originally Published MPMN April 2003


Tough New Copolymers Facilitate Film Processing 

Thin films can be produced with clarity, gloss, and strength

K-Resin SBC copolymers provide the clarity needed for devices such as this respiratory nebulizer's canister.

Two new grades of styrene-butadiene copolymer (SBC) can be used to make cast or blown film. Applications for the DK11 and DK13 polymers from K-Resin SBC (The Woodlands, TX) range from protective wrapping for medical devices to tear-resistant bags, pouches, or packets.

"Our customers have found that the DK11 greatly improves their ability to process an SBC over a range of conditions while maintaining product integrity," says Steve Shelby, sales and marketing manager of K-Resin SBC. "It's ideal for cast or blown-film applications to produce bags, shrink wrap, or overwrap."

The DK13 polymer structure provides toughness, leading to enhanced puncture resistance and good elongation properties.

Its elastic nature helps to produce a shrink label that will conform to the contours of many packaging designs. The polymer can also be used to make bags that dissolve in a solution.

"Because of its high shrinkage and low-shrink initiation temperature, DK13 is suited for shrink-label applications," says Shelby. "Lower shrink initiation temperatures are desirable by packagers since this helps to maintain package integrity, while at the same time protecting temperature-sensitive products in the container."

K-Resin SBC claims crystal clarity, durability, and high performance for its polymers. Its various grades can be used as stand-alone products or can be blended with other transparent polymers.

Susan Wallace

K-Resin (Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LP), P.O. Box 72, Bartlesville, OK 74005; phone: 918/337-6112; fax: 918/661-4126;

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