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Products and Services: Coatings and Surface Treatment

Device Coating Services
Precision Coating coats such medical devices as guidewires, core wires, and hypotubes. It also forms mandrels with plastic materials. In addition to using a proprietary low-friction PTFE coating system, the company employs a PTFE system that does not contain perfluorooctanoic acid and another that is free of chromic acid. The company produces flexible prototypes and also applies medical device coatings to commercial devices in large volumes at a controlled-environment facility.
Precision Coating

Adhesion Promotion Technology
AdPro Poly adhesion promotion technology has been engineered by Specialty Coating Systems to solve adhesion challenges presented by certain polymeric materials, including polyimide substrates, so that medical device manufacturers can count on parylene coatings to provide long-term reliability and protection for their products. The technology enhances the adhesion performance of thick-film coatings used for surface modification and protection by neutralizing such obstacles to adhesion as surface contamination, the presence of oxide layers, and the low surface energy of certain substrates. In addition, it resists heat effects; its demonstrated ability to preserve stability at elevated temperatures makes it suitable for applications involving hot environments. The treatment, like parylene, is biocompatible, so it also helps impart biostability to device surfaces.
Specialty Coating Systems

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