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Packaging equipment

Article-Packaging equipment

Packaging equipment

Small-item packaging machine

The Smallpak Air 5 Deluxe packages small medical products. The unit's sealing, printing, and sizing functions are easily validated and repeatable. A touch panel features controls with English prompts. Programmable settings include sealing temperature, dwell time, seal pressure, and package length (adjustable to 5 in.). The unit also features built-in service records and problem-solving diagnostics. Odessa Packaging & Smallpak, 202 N. Bassett St., Clayton, DE 19938.

Microtiter plate packagers

Systems for microtiter plate packaging can handle bags on a roll or form pouches in a form-fill-seal fashion, inserting a zipper if necessary. Newly developed techniques allow the insertion of Tyvek or peelable pouch material for easy opening. The units are especially suitable for packages with very high profiles, such as styrofoam trays loaded with 15- or 50-ml conical diagnostic tubes. Vacuum is pulled on each package prior to sealing. Most systems applications are designed for in-line, but hand loading is also possible. Action Packaging Automation Inc., P.O. Box 190, Roosevelt, NJ 08555-0190.

Four-side seal machine

An automated electronic four-side seal machine provides high-speed sterile pouching of medical devices. Pouch dimensions up to 14 x 50 x 1 in. can be used. The machine is also available in a dual-lane configuration with a web width capability of up to 24 in. A slanted sealing head may be installed for liquid filling and packaging. The machine is accurate and repeatable, and its operation can be validated. Independent computer control of each of the five main drive modules (infeed, side seal, cross seal, cut, and print) ensures that any potential changes in one module do not invalidate the others. Doyen Medipharm Inc., 520 Speedwell Ave., Morris Plains, NJ 07950-2132.

Packaging system

An automatic bag opening, filling, sealing, and shrink packaging system is designed for wicketed printed or plain shrink bags and plain polyethylene bags. The system produces a final product with high resistance to leaks. It consists of an all-air-operated stainless-steel bag loader interfaced with a USDA-approved horizontal continuous band sealer. The loader accommodates bags up to 11-in. wide and can open bags at a rate of up to 36 bags/min. All Packaging Machinery Corp., 90 13th Ave., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779.

Hot-seal packager

An updated hot-seal packager provides advances in motion programming, including improved tension control, autotuning of web tension, the lowering of friction on the shingling conveyor system, and batch counting. Software interfaces allow for voice recognition, touch screen interfaces, and access to an on-line help system. Other features of the packager include the ability to remove seal rings while the machine is still warm, 1-in. separation of heat seal rolls without loss of registration, and optional load cells for heat seal loading readout. Delta Industrial Service Inc., 11501 Eagle St. N.W., Minneapolis, MN 55448-3062.

Precision heat sealers

Designed for the medical industry, precision pouch sealers produce perfect, validatable seals. The units' Res-Con controller, featuring a keypad and LCD readout, simplify operation. Time, temperature, and pressure are accurately controlled and monitored for quality control and FDA validation. A printout of each temperature cycle can be obtained. Optional features include a vacuum system to evacuate pouches before sealing, an adjustable stainless-steel stand, and a convenient worktable. Packworld USA, 539 S. Main St., Nazareth, PA 18064.

Medical tray sealer

A medical tray sealer features fully integrated network-compatible data acquisition (Windows NT) software capabilities. The BMPC tray sealer can do real-time monitoring and recording of time, temperature, and pressure for every seal cycle. A large touch screen display simplifies setup and seal monitoring, while a dual shuttle permits independent time and pressure setup, assuring packaging flexibility and maximum productivity. Belco Packaging Systems Inc., 910 S. Mountain Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016.

Pouch dispenser

The Sur-Pak pouch dispenser is a high-speed, low-maintenance system that inserts medium-sized pouched products (such as desiccants, oxygen absorbents, and overwrapped medical products) weighing up to 60 g into an outer package at a rate of 300 pouches/min. It complements the manufacturer's small-pouch dispensing unit and is capable of handling pouches up to 4 in. wide and 3/8 in. thick. A nonslip web-advance system handles a continuous web of slippery foil and Tyvek pouches without the crushing pressure associated with nip roll devices. AZCO Corp., 385 Falmouth Ave., Elmwood Park, NJ 07407.

UV printing system

Precisely positioned in-line marking on all types of web materials is possible with a UV printing system. The UV-Flexo Inprint operates in a rotary flexographic mode, offering simple handling and low cost. The anilox roller and doctor blade chamber guarantee even ink transfer, which provides high-quality printing for tiny details and solid areas. Special UV inks are used, and these cure in milliseconds when exposed to the UV dryer. With these inks, only minimal cleaning and setup are required. The printer can be integrated with continuous- or intermittent-motion packaging lines. Griffin-Rutgers Company, Inc., 25 Trade Zone Ct., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779.

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