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Manufacturing Alliance Could Add Convenience for OEMs

Article-Manufacturing Alliance Could Add Convenience for OEMs


Manufacturing Alliance Could Add Convenience for OEMs

Shana Leonard

A manufacturing outsourcing company specializing in disposables has formed an alliance with an electronics manufacturing and supply chain service provider. The union between ATEK Medical Manufacturing (Minneapolis, MN) and Solectron Corp. (Milpitas, CA) will offer OEMs a one-stop shop for their electromechanical and disposable outsourcing projects.

Having collaborated in the past, both ATEK and Solectron recognized that their services complemented each other's in a manner that could benefit OEMs. Since many hospital or operating room systems require both a disposable and an electromechanical component, customers can ensure that the components are compatible by contracting the partners, according to Chris Oleksy, president of ATEK Medical Manufacturing.

"When you make an electromechanical box and a disposable separate, all kinds of interface issues can come about," Oleksy says. "When you merge the capabilities of that system together, you get a much more cohesive solution for the customer. Not only is it much easier for them with the one-stop shop, but you are assured that you have that consumable disposable working extremely well--fitting like a glove--with that box, and that's a really powerful combination."

Although each company had experience in the other's specialty areas, the firms opted to leverage each other's strengths, Oleksy notes. Through the partnership, the companies aim to streamline development and accelerate a product's time to market. Moreover, the relationship enables customers to work directly with only one point of contact.

Among Solectron's capabilities are new product introduction, collaborative design, materials management, product manufacturing and warranty repair, and end-of-life support. ATEK's service offerings include product design and launch, assembly, production, packaging, labeling, management, distribution, supply-chain services, and project management, in addition to microbiology and sterilization capabilities.

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