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Key Races for Medtech: Massachusetts Senate Race

Massachusetts Congressional Race Candidate Scott Brown (incumbent) Elizabeth Warren  

Massachusetts Senate Race

Candidate Scott Brown (incumbent) Elizabeth Warren
Current Title U.S. Senator from Massachusetts Special Advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Chairperson of the Congressional Oversight Panel
Party Republican Democrat
Hometown Kittery, ME Oklahoma City, OK
Words on Medtech
It is critical that we provide a business environment for [medical device companies] to innovate, grow and thrive. —Scott Brown, accepting assignment to chair the bipartisan Senate Medical Technology Caucus

“What we really need is smarter regulation—and some fresh ideas for how to get there. FDA needs to be able to put life-saving devices on the market quickly.” —Elizabeth Warren, “A climate for innovation,”, April 17, 2012 

Key Issues
in this Race

Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren disagree substantively over many issues, as their first debate in September illustrated. This race will be significantly heated, and polls show a toss-up. Brown has relatively high approval ratings, considering that Massachusetts leans blue. But consumer advocate Warren has enthralled the Democratic base and shown fundraising acumen. 
Brown opposes the ACA, while Warren supports the healthcare legislation. However, Warren adjusted her stance with an editorial in April that stated her opposition to the device tax provision included in the healthcare reform law. 
The only issues the two candidates seem to agree on are that FDA must be reformed and the device tax must be repealed. 
Both candidates recognize the need to protect the state as an innovation hub for medtech development. The medical device and diagnostics industry employs around 24,000 people and is responsible for 13% of all state exports. Massachusetts-based companies spent $2.6 billion on R&D in 2010. 
This key issue for medical device companies may not decide the race, but it is telling that the device tax is
the only issue the candidates can agree on.

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