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Frequency Convertor Regulates Voltage, Protects Equipment


Frequency Convertor Regulates Voltage, Protects Equipment
Corinne Litchfield
A frequency convertor enables medical equipment to be used in a variety of locations, regardless of available power frequency.

A 500-VA frequency convertor enables medical equipment to be used worldwide. The SSG-series unit from Falcon Electric Inc. (Irwindale, CA) is a single-phase, on-line frequency convertor, voltage regulator, and line conditioner. Using a double-conversion design, the unit provides ac power in a 14-lb package size.

Medical equipment that uses photosensitive sensors or motors is sensitive to power line frequency. Such units are typically designed to operate only on either 50 or 60 Hz, depending on their country of origin. The convertor makes it possible for the systems to be used anywhere, regardless of available power frequencies. It also helps protect equipment from power surges or ground fault issues.

The convertor accepts 45–440-Hz input and yields a fixed crystal–controlled 50- or 60-Hz output. It provides precise voltage regulation and line conditioning. Its capability to process wide input variations enables the convertor to remain at the desired voltage and frequency. This allows connected equipment to operate continuously during extended brownouts to 88 V ac.

The unit features high-frequency galvanic isolation. As a result, connected equipment is isolated against damaging high-voltage transients and common-mode noise. The convertor eliminates power problems such as noise, harmonics, frequency, and phase shifts. Operating temperatures range from 0° to 40°C.

The convertor regenerates clean, pure, sine-wave computer-grade power with tightly regulated ±3% voltage and ±1% frequency. Power is produced independent of generator voltage and frequency drift. In addition, the convertor is designed to handle loads that exhibit high inrush when started from the utility.

The manufacturer supplies power protection and conversion products to medical OEMs. The convertor can be used in laboratory processing equipment, centrifuges, blood analyzers, and mass spectrometers.

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