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The Medtech Outlook for 2003- Expanded VersionThe Medtech Outlook for 2003- Expanded Version

Steve Halasey

January 1, 2003

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The Medtech Outlook for 2003- Expanded Version

Originally Published MX January/February2003


The Medtech Outlook for 2003- Expanded Version

Economic recovery and continued growth seem the likely outcomes for most medtech companies--but perhaps not for everyone. 

Interview bySteve Halasey

Looking at the balance sheets of medtech's largest companies, one would never imagine that company leaders might have concerns for the future of their firms. In a time when sales growth among the companies listed in the S&P 500 is puttering along at a mere 1.52%, growth rates such as those of medtech's average of more than 15% look pretty good. 

But to find out what's really going on in the medtech sector, one also has to look beyond the largest companies. Among the thousands of start-ups and small companies that populate the medtech landscape, company leaders are watching the future warily and hoping for the best.


This article offers a look at what industry watchers think is in store for the coming year, including the future prospects for some key sectors of the industry.

It's the Stupid Economy

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