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Spotlight on MicrotechnologySpotlight on Microtechnology

October 1, 2005

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Spotlight on Microtechnology

Originally Published MPMN October 2005


Spotlight on Microtechnology

Micromachining equipment

0510p32a.jpgA new series of micromachining equipment allows for small, deep, and precise round holes and 3-D micromachining. The SX systems feature a multiaxis-motion microEDM CNC controller and pulse-shape generator as well as surface finishing down to Ra 0.05 on micromolding cavities. Accurate to ±1 µm, the units include a handheld CNC control, integrated indexing, and C-axis. A built-in microwire EDM device allows for automatic electrode shaping.
Sarix SA, Losone, Switzerland

Printed circuit boards

0510p32b.jpgA manufacturer of rigid and multilayer flex circuit boards has acquired a laser direct imaging system that is capable of fine-line imaging. The DP-100SL uses a laser to image the photoresist without touching the surface of the board and employs machine optics to register images by fiducials or tooling holes. This product enables the company to scale by product, array, or individual part. In addition, a customer's data go directly to print, eliminating phototools and extra steps in imaging.
Printed Circuits Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Microfabrication services

0510p32c.jpgA company has introduced a microfabrication process based on multilayer selective electrodeposition of metals that streamlines the manufacturing process and enables a designer to progress from idea to CAD design to production of a 3-D complex microdevice in a direct manner. EFAB technology can manufacture 3-D shapes, thus overcoming limitations imposed by 2-D formations. This three-step fabrication process uses structural and sacrificial materials, and consists of patterned layer deposition followed by blanket layer deposition and planarization.
Microfabrica Inc., Burbank, CA

Microwelding services

0510p32e.jpgA company performs a range of microwelding services, including laser welding, resistance welding, ultrasonic welding, and gas tungsten arc welding. With its equipment, the company can weld wires with diameters as small as 0.0008 in. and foils as thin as 0.0005 in. In addition, the company provides microbrazing and microsoldering processes as well as research, process development, and production services.
Precision Joining Technologies Inc., Miamisburg, OH

Rapid prototyping of microdevices

0510p32d.jpgA company provides equipment and processing services for the rapid prototyping of microdevices. The SF-100 can miniaturize and pattern designs down to 5 µm without the need for a photomask, thus providing the flexibility to pattern many substrates, shapes, surfaces, and materials, including curved, nonflat substrates. This technology is suited for the fabrication of micromolds, biotech devices, lab-on-a-chip arrays, microfluidics, and other such microdevices.
Intelligent Micro Patterning LLC., St. Petersburg, FL

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