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Microtechnology Equipment and ServicesMicrotechnology Equipment and Services

January 6, 2007

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Microtechnology Equipment and Services

Originally Published MPMN January/February 2007


Microtechnology Equipment and Services

Rapid prototyping equipment


Equipment for the rapid prototyping of microdevices allows users to miniaturize and pattern designs down to 5 µm in size without the need for a photomask. The SF-100 system offers flexibility to pattern a variety of substrates, shapes, surfaces, and materials, including curved, nonflat substrates. The company also offers rotational substrate stage technology, which allows for highly repeatable and accurate micropatterning of cylindrical substrates. Potential applications for the technology exist in such areas as microsensors, biotechnology, microfluidics, nanotechnology, and radio-frequency and microwave products.
Intelligent Micro Patterning, St. Petersburg, FL


Vibration isolation systems

Negative-stiffness vibration isolation systems enable vibration-sensitive instruments—including scanning probe microscopes, microhardness testers, and scanning electron microscopes—to operate in severe vibration environments. Improving instrument performance by preventing errors caused by subHertz vibrations, the isolators are capable of very low vertical and horizontal natural frequencies and very high internal structural frequencies. Suited for nanotechnology applications, the isolators achieve 93% isolation efficiency at 2 Hz, 99% at 5 Hz, and 99.7% at 10 Hz.
Minus K Technology Inc., Inglewood, CA


CNC machining center

Providing accuracy throughout the travel of x = 500 mm and y = 500 mm, a machining center offers a positioning scatter of ±0.3 µm according to VDI/DGQ 3441 specifications. The Pyramid Nano is offered with two alternative spindles, one characterized by a taper of 500–50,000 rpm at 6.4 kW, the other featuring a taper of 200–36,000 rpm at 11 kW. The machine is also equipped with hydrostatic guides and drives, which may save users money in terms of electrical costs despite being initially more expensive than linear drives, according to the firm.
Kern Micro- und Feinwerktechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Murnau, Germany


Micromolding services

A contract manufacturer that provides micromolding services can produce components that require ultrahigh precision with good process control. Components can be micromolded in weights as light as 0.001 g. The company can also mold exotic materials and can complete processes in a Class 100 cleanroom upon request. Each part can be monitored optically and separated automatically, allowing only acceptable parts to advance for subsequent processing.
Donatelle, New Brighton, MN

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