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October 16, 2004

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Originally Published MPMN October 2004




Two types of optocouplers are available for use in implantable applications. The photovoltaic and phototransistor optocouplers provide gate drive voltage and effective isolation in small surface-mount packages. The 52464 photovoltaic optocoupler consists of an LED and photovoltaic detector in a 125-mil-package and supplies dc voltage for driving field-effect transistors (FETs) and/or insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). The 52465 phototransistor optocoupler comes in a 95-mil-square package size and has an LED and a phototransistor that provides optical isolation. Both components can be attached with epoxy or solder and are suitable for hybrids or COB applications. Micropac Industries Inc., Garland, TX www.micropac.com

Precision metal parts
Precision metal parts as small as 1 mm diam are produced using CNC machines. Many metals can be cut and machined using the company’s twin-spindle CNC micromachining center. Twin-spindle machines eliminate all secondary operations and handling. Machining operations such as turning, milling, drilling, and deburring are accomplished within the machine for accuracy and control. MicroGroup, Medway, MA www.microgroup.com

Data acquisition system-on-chipmpmn0410p54c.jpg

A versatile single-chip data acquisition chain consists of a programmable gain/offset-amplifying, high-resolution analog-to-digital convertor (ADC), a 120-segment LCD driver, and a communications interface. The XE88LC02 chip enables ultra-low-power miniature medical and metering devices to be built with a minimum of external parts. The programmable 16-plus-10-bits chip uses less than 2 µA in real-time clock mode and a typical 300 µA/MIPS in sustained computing mode. It connects directly to any type of resistive sensor and is easily calibrated. Xemics S.A., Neuchâtel, Switzerland www.xemics.com

DNA capture mediampmn0410p54d.jpg

A fibrous media can be bonded into shapes to fit pipette tips, spin columns, and microtiter wells. The DNA capture media uses a dual approach
to DNA isolation. The fiber has a natural affinity with DNA, and the bonded fiber structure functions as a size-exclusion filter. Media performance can be enhanced by using pendant amine or carboxyl groups on the fiber to attach cross-linking chemistries. Filtrona Fibertec, Colonial Heights, VA www.filtronafibertec.com

Optical encodermpmn0410p54e.jpg

A compact, 1/2-in. optical encoder requires minimal behind-panel space. The Series 62S component features a minimum life expectancy of 1 million rotational cycles; 8,12,16, 20, 24, 32 detent positions; and an optional integral push button. If needed, the company will customize the switch, including terminations, shaft and bushing configurations, and resolutions. The encoder is suitable for applications where behind-the-panel space is limited. Grayhill Inc., La Grange, IL www.grayhill.com 

Microsolenoid valve and ceramic pumpsmpmn0410p54f.jpg

A microsolenoid two-way valve is designed for the dispensing or metering of fluids in small package sizes. The Geronimo valve uses a microdiaphragm to isolate the fluid path and provide a durable seal. Specially created for high-density manifolding applications, the valve features a low internal volume and a diameter of 0.25 in. The company’s series of small ceramic pumps are self-priming and are factory-set for a fixed volume of 10 to 1000 µl per solenoid actuation. The pumps have a low internal volume and a Cv range of less than 1%. An all-ceramic plunger and seal add resilience to the products. Kloehn Ltd., Las Vegas, NV www.kloehn.com


Instrument controllermpmn0410p54g.jpg

A C-programmable embedded instrument controller with a built-in, touchscreen-operated GUI can be used in OEM applications such as robotics, portable data acquisition systems, and scientific instruments. The controller features a high-contrast, 128 ¥ 240- pixel display with a touchscreen overlay, up to 1 MB Flash and 512 K RAM, and precoded device drivers. The unit uses a real-time, multitasking operating system. It commands eight 8-bit A/D lines, eight digital I/O lines including timer-controlled and PWM channels, and two RS-232/485 ports. Mosaic Industries Inc., Newark, CA www.mosaic-industries.com

Turning centermpmn0410p54h.jpg

A turning center can micromachine complex parts in a single setup for fast production and high accuracy. The Deco 13a features 10 independent axes of motion, software that can program multiple axes of movement with a macro program, and several rotating tool positions. The single-spindle automatic machine accommodates part diameters from 13 mm, making it suitable for a variety of small medical implants and bone screws. Users can enhance machine performance by opting for 12 axes with two additional spindles. Tornos, Brookfield, CT www.tornos.ch

Miniature linear guidesmpmn0410p54i.jpg

Two series of miniature stainless-steel linear guides are available. The guides incorporate molded resin in the ball slider recirculation circuits in order to enhance motion smoothness and minimize slide weight, metal-to-metal noise levels, and dust generation. Offered in five accuracy grades, the guides can be supplied with a fine clearance or slight preload based on the customer’s application. NSK Precision America Inc., Addison, IL www.nskprecision.com

Miniature brakes and clutchesmpmn0410p54j.jpg

Miniature slip brakes and clutches are typically used for manufacturing wire-reinforced small tubing used in clearing heart artery blockages, manufacturing wire stents, and testing small motors. The brakes are typically used for load simulation and unwind (payout) tensioning of films and wire. Clutches are used for rewind tensioning and torque limiting. The magnetic particle brake B5DZ has a torque range of 0.05 to 1 oz-in. The company’s magnetic particle clutch C5D has a torque range of 0.2 to 5 oz-in. Hysteresis brakes as small as 0.12 to 5 oz-in. are also available. Independent of slip speed, torque is varied from near zero to rated torque by varying input current. Long life, even under constant slip, is assured with the company’s patented magnetic seals. Placid Industries Inc., Lake Placid, NY www.placidindustries.com

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