Masimo Makes the Leap into Wearables with New Launch

Masimo W1 continuously monitors physiological status and reports to its health app and in-app subscription service, Personal SafetyNet.

Katie Hobbins, Managing Editor

August 31, 2022

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Masimo, a global medical technology company that develops and produces a wide array of industry-leading monitoring technologies, has announced its addition to the medical wearables market with the full market release of the Masimo W1 health watch for consumer use. The watch, which was built on the company’s noninvasive blood parameter monitoring solutions, offers accurate and continuous measurements and health data in a lifestyle-friendly wrist-worn wearable.

Taking 86,400 measurements a day for second-by-second trending, Masimo W1 continuously monitors arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate, respiration rate, pleth variability index (PVi), perfusion index, pulse rate variability (HRV), steps, and, in a limited market release, hydration index (Hi). In a future update, Masimo W1 will also be able to measure temperature and VO2MAX and provide 24/7 health data tracking and oversight. The watch is paired via secure Bluetooth to the Masimo Heath smartphone app where the watch wearer can see their health data and unlock meaningful and actionable insights.

The company also launched a paid subscription service, Personal SafetyNet, that is integrated within the health app and gives users access to reporting tools to help review personal physiological status over time. Personal SafetyNet also facilitates data sharing with family members, fitness trainers, wellness coaches, and, where allowed, healthcare providers. The subscription even allows users the ability to set up virtual visits with physicians. Masimo W1 is currently available direct-to-consumer through the company’s website for $499 plus a subscription fee of either $7.99 or $19.99 per month — $79 or $189 if paid in advance for one year.

Additionally, Masimo is entering into the general launch phase for a medical version of the wearable for use in medical applications outside the United States. The medical version of Masimo W1 will include additional measurement capabilities including pot-check electrocardiogram (ECG), atrial fibrillation (A-fib) detection, and more. This version will be available for use in telehealth and telemonitoring applications via SafetyNet and Personal SafetyNet for healthcare providers and payers, as well as individual use. Physicians will be able to use the watch to conveniently and reliably remote monitor patients with chronic conditions, those taking opioids for pain, or recovering at home after surgery or illness. Masimo W1 uses wireless transmission of patient data to the SafetyNet app and Masimo’s secure data cloud, where it can be reviewed by physicians and medical staff in near-real time for signs of physiological decline or sudden changes like falls or spikes in heart rate.

In the United States, Masimo W1 for use in medical applications is pending FDA clearance. However, in Saudi Arabia it is already approved for use.

“We have begun using Masimo W1 with Masimo SafetyNet for remote patient monitoring of our chronic heart failure patients. The watch is very comfortable to wear, and the continuous Masimo measurements give us confidence to help keep our patients safe,” Dr. Abeer Bakhsh, head of the heart function unit at Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, Saudi Arabia, said.

“We have deployed Masimo Patient SafetyNet on our Intermediate Dependency Care Unit for continuous monitoring with pulse oximetry, and believe it has made a genuinely positive impact on the safety of our patients,” Dr. Afzal Chaudhry, chief clinical information officer and chief information officer at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said. “My initial experience with Masimo W1, the Masimo Health app and Personal SafetyNet monitoring service has been very positive. As we go forward caring for patients, whether in the hospital or at home as part of the virtual wards we are setting up, I am sure that this technology will be an excellent addition, supporting us in the delivery of ever increasing high-quality remote care for patients underpinned by personal, timely, and accurate clinical information.”

After the launch announcement, BTIG analyst Maire Thibault, reported that “Wearables is one of the fastest-growing areas of digital health, but with numerous entrenched players in the space, starting prices set above peers, and a required subscription model during a time of tightening consumer spending, we wait for more details on the W1 outlook at Masimo's investor day on December 13 before making any revenue assumptions.”

Thibault reiterated a previously reported model of neutral for the company, meaning it is not expected to appreciate or depreciate meaningfully in share value over the next 12 months.

“With over 30 years of experience in medical monitoring and telemedicine, we are excited to bring the first wearable device to offer accurate and continuous pulse oximetry, hydration index, and other health measurements to consumers,” Joe Kiani, founder and CEO of Masimo, said. “The SET technology we invented for hospitals transformed patient monitoring, saved lives, and reduced the cost of care. Based on the feedback we have received from those who have tested Masimo W1 during the limited market release phase, we believe this watch will improve lives.”

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