BIOMEDevice Boston Adds Master Class Cybersecurity Series

An exclusive Master Class Cybersecurity Series headlines Day 2 of BIOMEDevice Boston.

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August 23, 2022

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An exclusive Master Class Cybersecurity Series headlines Day 2 of BIOMEDevice Boston, bringing together the most brilliant minds in medtech cybersecurity. This series will explore the necessary steps needed with cybersecurity when working in the medtech space and end with a special keynote open to all BIOMEDevice Boston attendees and exhibitors. This Master Class Conference pass is available exclusively with BIOMEDevice Boston, which is Sept. 28-29 at the Boston Convention & Event Center in Boston.

The Cybersecurity Series, presented by Velentium, takes place Sept. 29 and includes three unique Master Class sessions and one keynote detailing the importance of cybersecurity in relation to medtech organizations and products. Those who register for the Master Class Conference sessions will have access to both the Master Class Cybersecurity Series and the Master Class Start-Up Series.

The need for cybersecurity has become a necessity in the medtech landscape; according to Omnia Health, the surge in connected medical device adoption has seen the industry make a decade’s worth of progress practically overnight. The Master Class Cybersecurity sessions and keynote dive into how these crucial protective steps affect all areas of quality medical technology.

“We are very excited to partner with the BIOMEDevice Boston show to promote education and awareness for Embedded Cybersecurity,” said Ben Trombold, VP of Sales & Marketing at Velentium. “Product security has always been our passion. However, with the coordinated attacks and regulatory requirements increasing yearly, protecting medical devices and patients is more important now than ever. We look forward to working with everyone at the event and moving our industry forward.”

The Master Class Cybersecurity Series joins the Master Class Start-Up Series, presented by MassMedic, at BIOMEDevice Boston as part of multiple one-of-a-kind learning experiences under one roof. The Master Class Start-Up Series is Sept. 28 and explores the ever-changing medtech investment landscape, what it takes to mature alongside these trends, and garners an inside look at various funding vehicles – from strategics, to venture capital – and everything in between.

The sessions are held on the show floor toward the back of the conference center and the keynote is on Center Stage. The keynote is open to all who have an expo pass and a conference pass, plus exhibitors. Register here for a Master Class Conference Series pass for access to the Day 2 Master Class Cybersecurity Series sessions below, including the closing day keynote.

Master Class Cybersecurity Series, presented by Velentium:

"How to Align Your Development with the Latest FDA Expectations"
Presented by Christopher Gates, Director of Product Security at Velentium, 10:30 a.m.

This keynote dives into the latest FDA draft of requirements for cybersecurity in pre-market submissions. Christopher Gates goes over the new medical device cybersecurity laws and regulatory requirements and review all the new manufacturer's activities expected by the FDA, including the expected 41 cybersecurity deliverables. Gates also details how to layer in the cybersecurity processes to development that will meet FDA requirements while minimizing cost burdens and development delays.

“Shifting Sands of Medical Device Cybersecurity Regulation: Past, Present and Future Implications from a Practitioner’s Perspective”
Presented by Garrett Schumacher, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer at Velentium, 11:30 a.m.

Garrett Schumacher uses this presentation to walk attendees through new and pending FDA regulations and how to secure their products, their business model, and their relationships with markets and regulators in the ever-evolving medtech market.

“Software Supply Chain Security Mitigations for Medical Device Development”
Presented by Christopher Gates, Director of Product Security at Velentium, 12:30 p.m.

In this presentation, Christopher Gates details the environment, risks, best practices and security mitigation tools available (including SBOMs) to secure their supply chain from cyber threats to their customers. With many medical devices involving computers, phones, apps and server applications, cybersecurity for clients has become a must.

Keynote: “Cybersecurity: Unworkable Today, Hope for Tomorrow”
Presented by Christopher Gates, Director of Product Security at Velentium, 1:30 p.m.

The closing keynote is open to all attendees and discusses one approach to leave behind the latest FDA draft guideline, which states 41 security artifact deliverables are required and mandates ongoing security testing activities for the life of medical devices. The approach Christopher Gates details aligns with the intent of regulatory standards, doesn’t require staffing up with expensive and hard-to-find embedded cybersecurity experts, and improves the overall speed of the development process.

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