Sensors Save Data Internally

January 4, 2005

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Sensors Save Data Internally

Originally Published MPMN January 2005


Sensors Save Data Internally

Units facilitate measuring signals between sensor and transmitter

Caitlin Cook

MemoSens pH sensors save sensed data internally, and can be used in hazardous and nonhazardous areas.

Digital pH sensors allow process data to be saved directly in the units. Offered by Endress & Hauser Ltd. (Manchester, UK), the MemoSens units facilitate interference-free, two-way signal transmission between sensor and transmitter.

The sensors stop core problems such as moisture ingress, leakages, corrosion, salt bridges, and ground loops, and reduce handling using an inductive, noncontact plug-in connection and bayonet lock,
which offers complete galvanic isolation. They provide the ingress protection specified in IP68.

An integrated circuit board enables the recording of manufacturing data, current sensor properties, and sensor history, which in turn can be used as a basis for predictive maintenance. In addition, the design of the products allows them to be checked and regenerated by cleaning in the laboratory. This significantly increases the lifetime of the sensors and reduces waste.

The sensors identify themselves within the application. Each measuring point recognizes its individual sensor, providing a reduction in downtime. Precalibration under optimum conditions in the laboratory makes this operation under soiled or moist conditions unnecessary, which minimizes work in a hazardous area. An automatic error message displays if the signal flow is
interrupted. These and other features help avoid common manufacturing problems, such as contact corrosion and water infiltration.

The company offers the sensors for biotechnological applications that can benefit from contact-free, inductive, digital transmission of pH signals.

Digital sensors equipped with MemoSens can be operated up to 725 psi absolute at 275°F, depending on the sensor in use. Their interference emissions and interference immunities comply with EN 61326:1997/A1:1998.

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