Scenarios Suggesting Independent Rep Selling

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Steve Halasey

September 1, 2008

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Scenarios Suggesting Independent Rep Selling


A medtech company may decide to base its sales approach on independent sales reps if at least some of the following conditions are present.

  • The company is using independent reps now and finds no compelling reason to change.

  • Customers want local representation, and using direct reps to serve that territory is infeasible.

  • The company cannot afford the fixed expenses involved in obtaining the intensive coverage desired through direct representation.

  • The markets the company serves are diverse and call for various types of sales approaches and skills.

  • The company seeks rapid entrée into a new market.

  • The company finds it difficult to retain top-performing direct personnel.

  • Qualified representatives are available.

  • The company can benefit from positioning with complementary products.

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